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Cognite Data Fusion


How Cognite Data Fusion enabled quick maintenance overviews of critical equipment for Aker BP

Aker BP used Industrial DataOps software provided by Cognite, including Cognite Data Fusion™, to combine contextualized data from four different source systems in one dashboard, giving offshore and onshore maintenance organization a simple but powerful tool for reviewing the maintenance status of critical equipment.




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15 hours saved from automating data collection

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Data liberated from 4 different source systems

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Improved efficiency from overview of critical equipment status


Too much time spent on administrative work and maintenance planning

Aker BP’s offshore and onshore maintenance organization meets every Wednesday to discuss how to prioritize the maintenance of critical equipment on all its installations over the next week.

In order to run an effective meeting, the organization creates and distributes a spreadsheet ahead of time that gives attendees an overview of the maintenance status of critical equipment.

Assembling the spreadsheet is a cumbersome process that takes up to 15 hours a week, as the engineers responsible for it have to access a number of different systems to collect the required information, including lube oil charts, time series data, and maintenance work orders.

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The solution improves efficiency for Aker BP

Cognite liberated and contextualized data from four different source systems, streaming them in real time to a Power BI dashboard. The dashboard uses color-coded labeling to help the offshore and onshore maintenance organization decide where to focus its maintenance resources for the next week and discover opportunities for future maintenance work.




The maintenance overview dashboard reduces the time that the offshore and onshore maintenance organization spends preparing for its weekly meeting. This enables the organization to focus on setting its maintenance priorities.

In addition to providing an overview of critical equipment, the dashboard also allows for deep dives into individual work orders to find relevant information such as estimated time to completion.

Beyond reducing time-consuming administrative work, the dashboard helps Aker BP’s larger maintenance and operations organization get an overview of the status of critical equipment, which makes operations more efficient.