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Our Leadership


“You can’t go green when you’re in the red. Digitalization can make sustainability profitable by enabling cost cuts, improving efficiency and reducing environmental footprint — all at the same time — and in most cases, it comes hand-in-hand.”

Dr. John Markus Lervik

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


“The great challenge industry faces is speeding up the time it takes to turn a great proof of concept into a quality-controlled, real, cost- and time-saving product. We are committed to helping industry operationalize great ideas better and speedier than ever before.”

Geir Engdahl

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


"Industry needs to become more data-driven, but it’s not as simple as just “data”. We need the breadth of industrial data in hand, we need data in real-time, past and future. We need to be able to secure it and to trust it. It needs to be fit to power industrial analytics at scale."

Dr. Paula Doyle

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing


“Only 30% of corporations are successful with digital transformations. Without a laser-focus on your “why” --and without specific business goals--the return on investment can be limited. It’s critical that we work together to develop a common vision and roadmap.”

Andrzej Golebiowski

Senior Vice President of Customer Success


Fredrik leads a world-class team of Software Engineers, Product Managers, and Designers.

Fredrik Holm

Senior Vice President of Engineering & Product


Anette has worked in the technology industry for nearly 20 years and leads the Industry Applications team.

Anette Holtedahl

Senior Vice President of Industry Applications

Elise Sendstad

“Building a company that is capable of powerful transformation requires active engagement from all parts of the organization, and a commitment to finding sustainable, environmental and impactful solutions.”

Elise Sendstad

Senior Vice President of People & Organization

Thomas Falck

“If time is money, then speed is profit.”

Thomas Falck

Chief Financial Officer

Petter Ulset

Petter focuses on scaling Cognite’s offering beyond oil and gas into other asset-intensive verticals.

Petter Ulset

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development


Stein is responsible for applications and solutions built on top of Cognite Data Fusion.

Stein H. Danielsen

Co-Founder & Chief Solutions Officer

Dr. Francois Laborie

Francois runs Cognite's operation in North America, including offices in Houston and Austin, Texas.

Dr. Francois Laborie

President Cognite North America


Nori runs Cognite's operations in Japan.

Nori Tokusue

President Cognite Japan

Trygve Rønningen

“I want Cognite to be remembered as a company that changed the way the industry works and made it a more sustainable business than what it is today. What motivates me to do better is the people around me who are coming up with things that I never even thought would be possible.”

Trygve Rønningen

Senior Vice President Operations Cognite North America

Ole Christian Røed

“Digitalization is at the top of corporate-agendas across industries today, but a company must operate and innovate in its own ways to achieve market success.”

Ole Christian Røed

Head of Industry Solutions


“The implementation of smart edge solutions will be key to enable a wide range of applications: from automation and predictive maintenance, monitoring air quality and energy use, to predicting traffic patterns, empowering us to make the right decisions in real time.”

Laxmi Akkaraju

Senior Vice President of Strategy


Our talented team is pushing the envelope of digital change in big industry. Roll up your sleeves and help us make data do more. Help us change the world!