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Cognite Data Fusion®

Cognite Data Fusion®, the leading Industrial DataOps platform, contextualizes operational asset data at scale in real-time, enabling companies to make better decisions about maintenance, production, and safety.

Industrial DataOps explained

Break down silos and optimize the broad availability and usability of industrial data for value optimization at scale.
2 hours
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Collect, integrate, and access

Collect IT, OT, and ET data from different sources and make raw data accessible for analytics.

2-3 days
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Contextualize and understand

Confirm the data availability and quality by building expert visualizations for real-time diagnostics. Provide a digital representation of industrial reality and make it accessible.

3-4 weeks
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Develop and deploy

Transforming raw data to a data set to be used by a use case. Using built-in functions, established methods, and easy data fetching in Cognite Data Fusion™, this process becomes much faster.

2+ months
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Move from one to many assets. Deploy different solutions fast and at scale. Invite more users from the organization.

Cognite Data Fusion® unlocks untapped value for asset-heavy industries

Cognite Data Fusion® helps asset-heavy organizations unleash the full potential of IT, OT, ET, and visual data to transform their traditional operating models.

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Conventional IT data

Equipment data. ERP data. Work orders.

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Operational (OT) data

Time series. Events. Lab data.

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Engineering data

Documents. Simulators. Images.

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Visual data

Photogrammetry. Video streams. Point clouds.

With Industrial DataOps, organizations can achieve record time to value


Less time spent finding data


Less time spent making sense of data


Faster solution deployment

Scale digitalization with rapid data product and solution creation

Production optimization

Boost daily production with decisions informed by reliable data.


Automate tasks, enable remote inspections, maintenance, and repair tasks, and keep workers safe with robots powered by Cognite Data Fusion™.

Smart maintenance

Reach maintenance goals and keep uptime high and life cycle costs low by facilitating information flows between teams with performant, software-supported workflows.

Digital worker

Provide field workers with real-time access to relevant, contextualized data, enabling them to optimize planning and execution.

Do it yourself, with us, or with a partner

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Power and utilities

How Cognite Data Fusion® speeds up the power grid connection process

The Norwegian transmission system operator Statnett worked with Cognite to reduce the time it takes to connect new assets to the grid.





Oil and gas

How Cognite Data Fusion® helps OMV’s production engineers save time

The solution helps OMV’s production engineers prevent production losses and saves them about five hours a week.





Oil and gas

How Cognite Data Fusion® accelerated condition monitoring

The solution saves Wintershall Dea an estimated $865,000 per incident.






How Aarbakke is building a smart, learning factory with Cognite Data Fusion®

Aarbakke was able to cut service costs by 20% and reduce unplanned downtime due to mechanical failure.

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CEO, Aker BP

How Aker BP is putting DataOps to use

“Cognite has reduced our threshold for accessing data in our ecosystem, and it’s given us a platform for experimenting and testing.”

Industrial DataOps empowers everyone
in the organization

Data scientists

Data scientists no longer need to spend hours searching for data, adding meaning to it, and preparing it for analysis.

Drilling engineers

Drilling experts can make data-driven decisions that make operations faster, safer, and more sustainable.

Production engineers

Production engineers can boost daily production with decisions informed by reliable data and physics.

Maintenance planners

Maintenance and operations teams can reduce planned deferments by optimally scheduling maintenance activities.