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With Cognite Data Fusion®, your organization can achieve record time to value


Time saved on the reporting process, resulting in $0.5M annual savings


Estimated savings per year


Compliance cost avoidance $2.5M annual savings

Cognite Data Fusion® empowers data-driven operations to increase production, reduce waste, and make operations more sustainable.

Create open, unified, real-time industrial data models that humans and machine learning applications can easily access. It’s purpose-built for industry, intuitively designed, and helps organizations lower the costs and complexity of scaling solutions.

Data integration

  • Connecting Diverse Data Sources: Leverage Cognite Data Fusion to seamlessly link industrial sensors, SCADA systems, IoT devices, and more.
  • Efficient Data Management: Ingest, store, and manage large data volumes, encompassing time-series data (e.g., sensor readings, energy system measurements)  and contextual data (e.g., asset information, P&IDs, maintenance records). 
  • Emissions Data Integration: Incorporate emissions-related data, such as data on fuel consumption, production processes, energy usage, and more.

Factors automation

  • Automate and integrate emission factors and calculations into Cognite Data Fusion®. 
  • Enable automatic data flow from standard factor libraries.
  • Generate emissions views with preferred frequency and aggregation levels, enabling real-time monitoring of key emissions metrics.

Monitoring and analysis

Use a library of sustainability formulas, preconfigured templates, and data models to quickly create transparent and traceable insights. Identify assets' largest emissions sources and receive actionable recommendations to reduce emissions.

  • Build operational workflows and scenario analysis, and create models using Cognite Data Fusion’s user-friendly low/no code capabilities.
  • Visualize Emissions Data: Utilize time-series data visualization to identify emissions patterns, anomalies, and trends over time. 
  • Emissions Attribution: Attribute emissions to specific products or customer levels. 
  • Track initiatives: Monitor footprint scores and other emissions-related data and use Cognite Data Fusion’s integrations and visualization tools to craft interactive dashboards and detailed reports.

Forecasting and reduction strategies

  • Informed Sustainability Investments: Employ contextualized emissions data to connect with an operational digital twin, enabling your organization to make informed decisions regarding sustainability investments and emissions reduction plans.
  • Scenario Simulations: Create emissions forecasts and simulate scenarios to assess organizational performance under different conditions, such as changes in carbon tax rates.
  • Carbon Mitigation Projects: Identify potential carbon mitigation projects and efficiently track their progress within Cognite Data Fusion®.

Optimize energy usage

Model total energy consumption, benchmark energy efficiency and prioritize targeted optimization actions to achieve energy saving targets and reduce scope 1 (direct) and scope 2 (indirect) emissions in accordance with the GHG protocol.