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Get more out of your ETRM solutions and process

Designed around mastering the flow of real-time market data and information to stakeholders and analytics, Cognite Data Fusion® and the Power Market Operations extension helps users leverage a contextualized view of relevant inputs including analytics, bids and offers, and price scenarios with less effort and complexity.

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Connect disparate data

Easily integrate market data sources including production optimization models and fundamental market models.

Streamline analysis

Use native tools to set up and monitor data pipelines, contextualize across sources, and provide easy access to charting and configurable alerts in low-code tools.
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Monitor and act

Support production settings and monitoring of event-driven automation of models with dedicated user interfaces for trader decision support that offers suggestions and insights into key drivers and data sources.
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Benchmark and improve

Track historical and current forecasts and decisions by retaining all historical data in a fit-for-purpose data model that can be easily referenced over time.

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