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With Cognite Data Fusion®, your organization can achieve record time to value


Return on investment


Net profit value

14 months

Payback period

Source: "The Total Economic Impact™ of Cognite Data Fusion®" by Forrester, 2022

Identify and optimize the largest drivers for energy consumption to reduce emissions
Icons_Blue_44_Dashboard analysis
Estimate future load needs and perform root cause analytics on irregular system/equipment behavior
Icons_Blue_40_Process, Engine
Optimize real-time energy use vs. preset production boundaries
Icons_Blue_48_Data Management
Build accurate and credible data foundation for GHG emission reporting

Cognite Data Fusion® solves the problem of disjointed and siloed OT, IT, and ET data.

Establish solid data foundation and AI workflows to empower operators to solve critical operational challenges and build solutions and applications with speed and scale.

Extend the economic producing life of brownfields and aging infrastructure
Icons_Blue_63_Target, Aim, Objective
Reach production targets while reducing total energy use and reaching ESG goals
Find more efficient ways to early detect and deal with production disruptions

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