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Streamline Root Cause Analysis with Cognite Data Fusion®

Time is imperative when assets are down, and stakeholders need data-driven narratives to prevent the next outage. Accelerate time-to-resolution for incidents and better collaborate on the analysis to increase safety, reliability, and productivity over time.

Improve operational outcomes with integrated data and analysis

With Cognite Data Fusion®

Reduce planned shutdown time by 15-30% annually

Increase maintenance execution efficiency by 5%

Save thousands of search hours by adopting a single workspace for collaboration between engineers and operators (internal + 3rd party)

Eliminate manual work in searching for the right documents, and making sense of the data

Collaborate in real-time, establish rules for real-time data, and get notified when deviations occur

Retain knowledge and best practices and refer to previous RCA outcomes to easily learn from similar incidents or rule out contributing factors

Reduce the time it takes to complete critical analysis and react to equipment malfunction or other NPT events

Leverage intuitive platform features for comprehensive transformation

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Simplify your root cause analysis workflow with a unified data workspace, powered by Cognite Data Fusion®

Industrial Canvas integrates with Cognite Data Fusion’s charting and analytics tool, allowing process engineers and others involved in RCA, troubleshooting, and planning processes to perform no-code time series analytics alongside real-time sensor data within interactive P&IDs.

Example of potential root cause analysis value roadmap

Add value at every stage of the root cause analysis process

Advance the efficiency of root cause analysis with simple access to better-quality data and analytics powered by generative AI.

Problem identification

Cognite enables real-time monitoring, data access, and communication for field workers and enables automated field execution, improving the quantity and quality of data capture and analysis

Data collection

Industrial Canvas allows SMEs to quickly gather relevant data, using a natural language search to find time series charts, P&ID drawings, 3D models, tables, images, and more from all data sources.

Identification of root causes

Develop your RCA narrative as a “storyboard,” able to place and link related data and ideas to better understand the analysis flow. Annotate diagrams, tag users, summarize documents, share industrial insights, and build easily-referenceable investigations and analyses.

Implementing corrective actions

Industrial Canvas enables continuous process monitoring to ensure effective corrective actions and sends notifications across all devices.

Knowledge management

Cognite Data Fusion’s high-performance Industrial Knowledge Graph uses AI-powered data contextualization pipeline services to maintain an up-to-date digital representation of operations. Industrial Canvas provides advanced governance and versioning to deliver an effective and safe way to collaborate.

Ready to improve your root cause analysis workflow?

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