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Overcome the industrial data problem and deliver business impact at scale

15-30% Labor productivity increase

10-30% Throughput increase

30-50% Reduction in emissions

"Data is key to digitization, but extracting insights remains challenging. Over 80% of firms recognize the importance of industrial data in driving their business decisions and innovation. Despite this, 83% experience challenges using data to deliver insights across the organization."


Geir Engdahl


Geir Engdahl is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Cognite. Engdahl runs Cognite’s R&D department, leading the development of Cognite Data Fusion®. In 2011, Engdahl founded Snapsale, a machine learning classifieds startup. He served as CEO and CTO until Schibsted acquired the company in 2017. Before that, he spent three years as a senior software engineer for Google in Canada. Engdahl has a master’s in computational science from the University of Oslo.

Peet Cremer

Engineering Manager

Peet Cremer leads the contextualization R&D at Cognite as an Engineering Manager. He joined Cognite in 2021 after developing advanced AI-based perception systems at a leading automotive supplier for 4 years. Peet evolved from being an expert on creating the data foundation for autonomous driving to connecting and contextualizing industrial data at scale. With his quantitative background in computational physics and machine-learning, Peet has more than 10 years of combined experience in solving complex data problems. Peet Cremer has a PhD in physics from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.

Andreea Pastinaru Oprea

Director of Product Management

Andreea's passion lies in crafting innovative solutions to complex problems, ultimately creating impactful products with compelling stories that resonate with customers. With a robust background in Product Management spanning over eight years, coupled with more than eleven years of experience in data platforms and building solutions using Machine Learning techniques and AI.

Without Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Point-to-point integrations with custom extractors
  • Manually create context in offline data dumps and spreadsheets
  • Risk AI hallucinations with limited understanding of data
  • Manually capture and enrich data
  • Distributed informal domain knowledge
  • Lacking productivity from skilled labor

With Cognite Data Fusion®

  • Liberate data from all OT, IT, and engineering data sources
  • Automatically create context between siloed sources
  • Create a data foundation to enhance generative AI solutions
  • Continuously capture and enrich data
  • Self-service information for subject matter experts
  • Increase productivity in the field

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