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A Forrester Deep Dive into the Total Economic Impact™ of Cognite Data Fusion®

Delivering 400% ROI in Operational Excellence From Your Industrial Data

Industrial operations executives are often frustrated by the lack of value being delivered from digital transformation efforts. At the core of these challenges is the industrial data problem: multiple data repositories, a lack of data contextualization and trust, and, in turn, incomplete dashboards and analytics that never scale. 

These challenges can be overcome with Cognite Data Fusion®, an industrial data operations platform that enables organizations to bring all their data into a single repository, contextualize it with automation, and rapidly build use cases to improve the performance of their heavy assets.  

So how do these data investments translate into real value? Forrester Consulting recently examined the cost savings and business benefits enterprises may realize by deploying Cognite Data Fusion®. The results are compelling: 400% customer ROI and $21.56M of total benefits over three years!

Join Cognite’s Kiran Midha, Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Forrester guests Paul Miller, VP Principal Analyst, and Jan Sythoff, Senior Consultant, in this webinar, as they walk through the details of the TEI methodology and Forrester’s research findings. 

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Jan Sythoff

Principal Consultant, EMEA TEI

Jan is a senior consultant with Forrester’s EMEA consulting practice, with a focus on Total Economic Impact (TEI). In this role, he works with Forrester’s clients to measure and articulate the business value and financial impact of technology and investment decisions. He has worked with marketing and sales enablement professionals at B2B technology vendors across regions and a wide variety of technology domains. Jan also works on delivering and evolving TEI's interactive tool offerings to support marketing and sales enablement efforts for our clients. Furthermore he is supporting Forrester’s research into green IT and the importance of sustainability for organizations. Jan has been working for Forrester since 2018.
Paul Miller - Forrester (2)

Dr. Paul Miller

VP Principal Analyst

Paul focuses on digital manufacturing and the internet of things (IoT), with research that explores how new technologies challenge established organizations and their business models. He looks at the role of IoT in everything from simple tracking of device status to transformation of the ways in which machines are built, sold, used, and maintained. Related themes include the growing importance of digital twin throughout the life of industrial assets and the role that augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) play in the future of industrial work. Paul has been working for Forrester since 2015.

Kiran Midha

VP Technical Marketing

Kiran’s career spans digital strategy across consumer technologies to enterprise SaaS. At Cognite, Kiran leads product definition and strategic vision for Cognite's products and solution set. Prior to Cognite, Kiran led product strategy and digital marketing at Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, Opera Software, and Cxense.