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Petteri Vainikka

VP Product Marketing

Petteri’s professional career spans enterprise SaaS technologies, where he has found himself at the intersection of emerging transformational technology development and its commercial applications for customers. Prior to Cognite, Petteri worked in senior product management, marketing, sales, and general management for Sumea, Rovio, Ardoq, and Cxense. Petteri has a master’s degree in technology from Aalto University.

Pål Tuset, Dr. Ing.

Technical Expert, Structural Integrity and Environment

Pål Tuset is the Technical Expert in the Division for Structural Integrity and Environment at FORCE Technology Norway AS. He har over many years been a key driver in the development of technological solutions and systems for our customers. Pål joined the company in 1995, first in Robit engineering, then in Corrocean, and since 2003 in FORCE Technology. He has a doctorate in physics and is an expert in superconductivity.

Alexander Fjeldly, Dr. Ing.

Vice President, Structural Integrity and Environment

Alexander Fjeldly is Vice President and Division Leader for Structural Integrity and Environment in FORCE Technology Norway AS. He has worked with technology and product development within the automotive, aerospace, and energy industry for more than 25 years. Alexander joined FORCE Technology in 2019. He has a doctorate in materials technology.

Trond Pedersen

Lead Subsea Engineer, Drilling & Wells

Specialist in planning and execution of new oil & gas wells on NCS with 17 years experience in O&G industry

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