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How to Bring to Market Data-Driven Maintenance Services with Certified Quality

Join us in this webinar to learn how MHWirth, a leading global topside drilling equipment manufacturer, developed and operationalized its predictive maintenance solution using Industrial DataOps and achieved DNV certification.

We’ll take a closer look at MHWirth's DrillCon services and DNV’s approval of service supplier scheme, and discuss the advantages and challenges that come with data-driven maintenance optimization and decision support.

This webinar will explore:

  • How to bridge the AI/trust divide and obtain certified predictive solution quality
  • How the smart use of data drives a reduction of maintenance costs and improves safety
  • How to transition from calendar-based maintenance to predictive maintenance
  • How using an Industrial DataOps platform for AI application development enables you to focus on the solution's business value, not data engineering and governance
  • How MHWirth and Cognite are building a unified maintenance data model

Speakers in this webinar:

Martin Hemmer Profilbilde 1080

Martin Hemmer

Specialist Engineer

Joar Haaland

Joar Håland

Principal Specialist

Petteri Vainikka

Petteri Vainikka

VP of Product Marketing

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