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How Generative AI Improves Aker BP’s Data Management Practices

Unpacking simple access to complex industrial data.

While many industrial operators are evaluating how Generative AI can improve front-line worker productivity, other innovators are quickly discovering the value it can bring to the back-end data infrastructure. For example: today, data onboarding and modeling take significant manual time and effort due to the complexity involved with structured and unstructured industrial data. Here, Generative AI can play a fundamental role in automating and streamlining these intense data processes to be more efficient and scalable.

So where is impact already being felt in Oil and Gas operations? What does it take to deploy generative AI in this way?

Join Aker BP and Cognite for important lessons learned on generative AI’s role in industrial data management and how they enable simple access to complex industrial data. We’ll discuss examples of how to use LLMs to convert documents to structured data and share how Generative AI can be used to populate industrial knowledge graphs and living digital twins. 


Øystein Aspøy

Øystein Aspøy

Digital Platform Manager

Redza Rosli-2

Redza Rosli

Data Scientist - Global Delivery


Gabe Prado