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Key learnings from this webinar


How a digital twin can enable you to go from reactive to proactive in operations

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Why and how you should enable your operational workforce to be data-driven

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What the future of reliability can look like

Speakers in this webinar


Hunter Beck

Senior Product Manager

Hunter is a Senior Product Manager at Cognite. Prior to his current role, he helped multinationals achieve digitalization in manufacturing as part of the global Digital Enterprise initiative at Siemens. Since joining Cognite in mid-2019, Hunter has led project execution with manufacturing clients and supported product innovation to meet industry needs.
Lewis Makin

Lewis Makin


Lewis Makin is a Partner at Pinnacle, specializing in delivering innovative reliability solutions to complex industrial facilities worldwide. With a deep understanding of data-driven decision-making, Lewis builds and manages long-lasting client relationships across sectors such as oil and gas, chemical, mining, and water and wastewater. His expertise in optimizing reliability and mechanical integrity program performance helps clients increase production, optimize spending, and improve process safety and environmental impact.

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