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Many tasks in industry are perfect for robots. They are repetitive and boring, located in hazardous or remote environments, and require a great deal of manual data collection. 

Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) gives industrial companies a powerful data foundation for automation. With access to sensor data, asset hierarchies, and spatial information in one place, robotics systems — from drones to wheeled and four-legged robots — can connect to digital twins and collect data automatically through their APIs. CDF makes this integration efficient and scalable, making mission planning easy and simple.

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Autonomous Inspection

No more night shifts. Let robots handle inspection rounds and other repetitive tasks, and free up time for activities that generate value. Robots can also make daily scans of your assets and installations, updating 360-degree images and keeping 3D models up to date and trustworthy for remote operations.


Keep your experts out of harm’s way. For remote, high-risk, or restricted sites, robots can be the eyes and ears for human operators, transmitting high-quality video with millisecond latency.


Asset Tracking

Know where everything goes. Robots can keep track of movable assets such as containers, barrels, materials, trucks, lifts, and more — and make every physical object on site searchable.

Robot Data Management

All your data in one place. With Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), robots can access sensor data, 3D model information, and asset hierarchies in one interface, and allocate inspection data directly to the relevant asset — either by reading a tag or by using computer vision and spatial information, and comparing it with the asset’s 3D assembly.


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