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Introducing Cognite AI

Unlock an ultra-intuitive data experience for all stakeholders

Industrial Generative AI will revolutionize operational workflows



Get simple access to industrial data and cross-source insights

As an operator in the field, I don't have the time to double-check multiple sources to gain context.

I need quick access to trustworthy data so I can understand real world conditions and take appropriate actions to improve production ASAP.



Optimize planning, scheduling, and execution of activities

As a maintenance manager, I am always trying to proactively plan, but I have little insights into operations. 

Priorities can shift rapidly, and it is a painful process to shift resources to execute new plans while minimizing impact to scheduled activities.



Accelerate data-driven condition-based activities

It's very hard to understand the condition across many different equipment as data analysis are captured in disjointed systems and some assets have very little data.

Often times I need more complete information to take timely actions...