Everyone is expecting more of your business. You have to grow, transform, lead, and do it more sustainably. You have everything you need to win it. That thing is data. But, how do you make your data do more? Cognite Data Fusion Delivers Data and Operational Insights for Impactful Change towards the energy transition

90% less time spent on finding the right data and making sense of that data

Through our unique data contextualization, we bring together your operational and sustainability data, allowing you the understand the true impact of operations

10-25x faster time to deploying solutions into live production use

Once you understand the impact, you can quickly take actions that are compliant and transformative. Faster time to realizing value from digital has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Competitive advantage in the energy transition

The future of energy requires operational resilience, agility, and speed — also from data operations. Cognite Data Fusion is the only platform built from the ground up for industrial data operations in the cloud-native era.

Use cases leading the way

Using Data to Advance Ocean Sustainability

The importance of protecting the planet’s largest, most diverse, least understood ecosystem - our oceans - is undeniable.

In this webinar, Cognite, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Norway, the World Economic Forum, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration join forces to discuss how to industrial companies can use data to better understand their impact on the oceans and innovate their way to a more balanced relationship with this vital ecosystem.

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Data-driven sustainability in upstream oil & gas

When it comes to sustainability, oil and gas companies face growing political pressure, stricter regulations, a worsening public opinion - but also greater incentives to take action. Reducing emissions has become the responsibility of every oil and gas company. This campaign for change has placed BP firmly at the forefront of the industry’s sustainable transformation. 

In this webinar, we’ll talk to the Head of BP’s Upstream Digital Organization, Rob Kelly, about embracing digitalization and using it to reform the company operations and reduce emissions.

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