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Press Release

DEA Selects Cognite as Strategic Partner for Digital Transformation

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DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG and Cognite AS today announced that DEA has selected Cognite to help accelerate digital transformation and value creation by better utilizing their existing industrial big data.

This strategic partnership will support DEA’s bold plans for digital transformation. The project will start with deployment of the Cognite Data Platform on DEA’s own-operated Mittelplate asset in Germany. DEA aims to scale data analytics and machine learning across their operations on the asset by integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure to make all relevant data instantly available for consumption as a comprehensive set in the cloud.

“We view the collaboration between DEA and Cognite as a strategic partnership which will accelerate our digitalization efforts. We need to explore, develop and produce at lower costs, increase efficiency, and make less impact on the climate and the environment. We firmly believe that unlocking the value of data is key in supporting those goals. Our ambitious digital transformation agenda focuses on scaling ML and AI across our operations, and we are looking forward to leveraging the Cognite Data Platform to support those ambitions”, said Maria Moræus Hanssen, CEO at DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG.

The Cognite Data Platform structures live sensor data in relation to other relevant data, including equipment hierarchies, process and instrument diagrams, 3D models, maintenance logs, and even weather data. Contextualizing the sensor data this way will enable DEA to realize substantial value by using artificial intelligence across different operations. The initial focus for business value creation will be on scaling machine learning applications with an emphasis on condition monitoring, smart maintenance, digital worker and HSE operations.

Cognite’s technology will allow both those who plan operations and those who work in the field to monitor live data from critical machinery and processes in a quick, insightful way. Instant access to data, combined with the deployment of machine learning models, will enable DEA to move from scheduled to predictive maintenance and will empower DEA’s data scientists and domain experts to focus on rapidly scaling ML applications across all operations. As operational safety continues to be the main priority for DEA, the partnership will also focus on applying ML to improve HSE efforts. DEA sees potential in NLP-natural language processing being used to extract insights from HSE data related to incident analysis and risk assessments.

‘’We are excited to support DEA’s ambitious goals and their digital transformation journey. The Cognite Data Platform will provide DEA with instant and secure access to their data, enabling them to scale data analytics across the operations and providing a strong, flexible foundation for future digitalization efforts’’, said Dr. John Markus Lervik, CEO at Cognite AS.

By opting to partner with Cognite, DEA proudly joins the Data Liberation Front, and hopes to inspire other key oil and gas players to join. Data liberation is about breaking-down silos, a crucial first step toward a more open, innovative and collaborative industry, where data sharing is the norm rather than the exception. This strategic choice to push for industrial data sharing aligns well with DEA’s internal philosophy and plans in both the short and long term.



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