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Cognite Data Fusion® Enhances Productivity and Drives Value for Idemitsu Kosan

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Cognite announces that Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. has adopted the Industrial DataOps platform Cognite Data Fusion® as its data platform of choice to advance data utilization. 

AUSTIN, Texas / OSLO, Norway / TOKYO, Japan - June 27, 2024Cognite, the globally recognized authority in Data and AI for industry, today announced that Idemitsu Kosan has selected Cognite Data Fusion® as the Industrial DataOps platform for its Digital Transformation strategy that will drive the evolution of its business platform, enhance productivity, and create new value through the use of digital technology. Idemitsu Kosan plans to scale Cognite Data Fusion® across all sites within the fiscal year. 

Idemitsu Kosan has set forth its 2030 vision of becoming a "Responsible Transformer," aiming to transition away from a business portfolio centered on fossil fuel operations. The Digital Transformation strategy is positioned as one of the core elements to simplify the digitalization of its business processes and achieve its 2030 goals.

Idemitsu Kosan is building robust, self-operating facilities across its manufacturing sites by leveraging digital transformation to establish a data collection mechanism for more efficient data consolidation and contextualization. Previous data collection and organization from each system relied on individual expertise, which resulted in time-consuming processes and hindered the shift to high-value analytical tasks. By utilizing Cognite Data Fusion®, Idemitsu Kosan can centrally and automatically consolidate and contextualize data from all existing systems.

Cognite Data Fusion® will enable Idemitsu Kosan to establish an automated and diversified data collection mechanism. This, in turn, facilitates the next phase of achieving an awareness mechanism and enhanced decision-making through prediction and support. This will allow for efficient and comprehensive data collection and utilization, enabling a shift to high-value analytical tasks.

"We are deeply honored to announce the deployment of Cognite Data Fusion®︎ across all Idemitsu Kosan facilities. The high scalability characteristic of Cognite Data Fusion®︎ provides a significant advantage in easily expanding across sites. We are privileged to contribute to the advancement of Idemitsu Kosan's operations through the adoption of Cognite Data Fusion®︎,” said Ryoichi Egawa, President, Cognite Japan.


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Media Contact:

Rumi Yoshida

Director of Marketing in Japan, Cognite


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