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Cognite Product Tour 2023

Industrial DataOps is about breaking down silos and optimizing the broad availability and usability of industrial data. Subject matter experts are at the center of using data and analytics to improve operational performance, reduce asset failure risk, and optimize decisions around maintenance and planning. But given these important responsibilities, why is it still challenging for them to get simple access to complex industrial data?

Register now for on-demand access to our product tour and see how we are focusing on making the life of the subject matter expert better with Cognite Data Fusion®. During this event, learn from Cognite customers and product managers about how Cognite Data Fusion® leverages a single source of truth to:

  • Unify data of all shapes and sizes from different sources
  • Simplify the experience around working with data
  • Empower subject matter experts to create and share insights using easily accessible and user-friendly tools.

After all, shouldn’t your industrial data be available like a google search?

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Petteri Vainikka


Petteri Vainnikka is the Chief Marketing Officer at Cognite. Vainikka’s professional career spans across enterprise SaaS technologies, where he has found himself at the intersection of emerging transformational technology development and its commercial applications for customers. Prior to Cognite, Vainnikka worked in senior product management, marketing, sales, and general management positions for companies such as at Sumea, Rovio, and Cxense. Vainnikka has a master’s degree in technology from Aalto University in Helsinki.

Eric Stein-Beldring

Product Manager

Eric has been helping to build core Cognite Data Fusion functionalities for over 3 years. Most recently, he has been working on charting and no-code industrial data analytics. Eric has a background in strategic brand management and UX design, and has an MSc in Strategic Marketing Management from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

Arun Arunachalam

Product Manager

Arun is a product manager at Cognite. He works in the alerting and monitoring team, allowing Cognite Data Fusion® to empower subject matter experts to make decisions on their assets based on time series and event data. Before Cognite, Arun worked in the Oil and gas space as a data scientist focused on providing digital innovation to optimize and improve the processes in this space. Arun has a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a master's degree from the Colorado School of Mines, focusing on machine learning and data science. His background provides the perfect skillset to work in the complex Industrial DataOps space.

Anders Hafreager

Product Manager

Dr. Anders Hafreager is a Senior Director of Product Management. He is currently leading Flexible Data Modeling, launching next year. Since he joined Cognite five years ago, he has led several of our product teams, such as 3D, contextualization, and Cognite functions. Anders has a Ph.D. in computational physics from the University of Oslo.

Claire Glynn

Regional Data Library Manager

Claire works in PGS providing technical and project leadership to the Sales and Services in Africa, Middle East & Mediterranean, North & South America groups in their MultiClient activities and support of PGS’s movement of its MultiClient activities to the Cloud. Her work includes: developing new Cloud services with external providers, acting as a Subject Matter Expert with client data management systems, and interfacing with clients and providers on integrated solutions.

Ahmed Nasrullah

Systems Engineer

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Ahmed started working in the timber industry at Moelven. The focus has been digitalizing the sawmills and transitioning into industry 4.0. from a research project to an industrial application. The goal has been to organize and structure data to lead to actual improvements in operations sites. Ahmed has had varied roles at Moelven and works as a Systems Engineer today.