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Find the right data 7-12X faster
Intuitively discover data from multiple IT/OT/ET sources through a single point of access.


Analytics-ready data 71% faster
Use automation to contextualize and map relationships across your data sets and systems.


Faster solution deployment
Scale quickly with out-of-the-box tools for domain experts and AI-populated application templates.

Once the data is in Cognite Data Fusion, it’s easy to build applications on top of it—so easy that someone like me can create a foundation for others to build their own solutions. That’s the DataOps philosophy: valuable data that is easily accessible by all.


Simen Ringdahl

Data Scientist

Aker Carbon Capture

In Cognite, we have found a technology partner that shares our mission to explore, improve, and rethink the way industry does business.


Alex Pereira

Director of Industrial Business Development LAM


With data all in one place and at everyone’s fingertips, we can spend less time trying to figure out the problem and more time creating solutions.


Kylie Reis

Production Manager


Cognite will really be a major enabler for us to address the challenges that are coming our way.

Ahmad Saadi

Ahmad Al-Sa'adi

SVP Technical Services

Saudi Aramco

Cognite Data Fusion allows bp to quickly find relevant Wells data. It also enables a single consolidated data layer, fusing structured and unstructured data to improve delivery process and reduce risks.

Ahmed Hashmi - bp

Ahmed Hashmi

SVP Digital


For an executive looking to reduce carbon footprint, one of the best ways I can do is moving my computing to the cloud.

Prabu Parthasarathy - Wood

Prabu Parthasarathy

VP Intelligent Operations


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