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Today's approach to digital twin solutions continues to fall short:

Costing millions with limited proofs of scale

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact™ of Cognite Data Fusion®


from reduced shutdown time
Using a digital twin and better component data visibility, SMEs are able to safely minimize shutdown periods when data anomalies arise.


from optimizing planned maintenance
Industrial data scientists can model what will happen using a digital twin of the facility setup to see how they can leverage maintenance on key assets.

400% ROI

and $21.56M of total benefits
enterprises may realize by deploying Cognite Data Fusion®

Open Industrial Digital Twin in action: Improve your brownfield asset performance

“Digitalization success hinges on providing data scientists and developers with access to contextual, meaningful data at their moment of need.”

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Cognite offers a platform to springboard digital twin creation for asset heavy industries

“Cognite’s tactic to accelerate digital twin creation and implementation is achieved by combining 3D models with its CDF capabilities. Using CDF, Cognite then overlays 3D models with real-time and historical sensor data, giving users a powerful visualization tool to explore the plant. CDF also aggregates fault finding, analysis and diagnostic insights from standalone systems to unlock performance and operations improvement opportunities.”


Digital twins power the operating system for smart management of commercial buildings

Transform data related to each building into a digital twin, which models everything from how tenants use buildings to how individual buildings react to changing temperature and weather conditions. Everything is connected: overarching systems, assets, sensor values, events, files, and more.


Digital twins as fundamental building blocks for asset integrity operations framework

Powered by Cognite Data Fusion, the dynamic, high-fidelity 3D digital twin makes information about enterprise-wide assets and processes available anywhere. The solution will cut planning time and inspection expenses, and help the company reduce its environmental footprint.

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