Production Optimization

Empower your teams to maximize daily production.

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) enhances your production engineers’ understanding of their own operations by gathering, integrating, and contextualizing relevant data. Armed with knowledge, they can increase plant availability, remove constraints, and maximize throughput. Boost daily production with decisions informed by reliable data and physics.

With Cognite’s
Production Optimization solution:

Production engineers have real-time access to contextualized, relevant data, allowing them to make intelligent decisions that optimize production processes.
Unnecessary production constraints and process bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated, increasing production capacity.
You can take actions to mitigate production deferral, closing the gap between production capacity and actual production.
Subject matter experts (SMEs) from Cognite will collaborate with your team to develop tailored use cases that maximize value in the shortest time possible.

Asset Data Insight

Access real-time health overviews and analysis via Asset Data Insight, our flagship Production Optimization application.

Operational on both computers and mobile devices, Asset Data Insight allows operators and first-line support staff to access, view, and draw insights from all your industrial data stored in Cognite Data Fusion.

Insight’s visually intuitive interface lets users quickly develop models for a single component and then roll it out to other components or facilities. The application easily connects to third-party systems for more advanced visualizations and analytics.

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Visualization for instant value

Visualization for instant value

The more your people have access to relevant, connected, and well-visualized data, the better-informed decisions they can take. Cognite Data Fusion liberates your data from its disparate silos and delivers it to your preferred visualization applications.

Active, intelligent advice

Advanced data is the perfect ally for production engineers, enabling them to combine their knowledge and experience with insightful recommendations. Cognite Data Fusion harnesses machine learning and physics-based models to accurately diagnose problems and offer suggested actions.

Active, intelligent advice
Super scalability


Once you’ve used Cognite Data Fusion to develop and fine-tune a model, the Model Hosting service makes it easy to duplicate and deploy it across multiple applications. The models then run continuously and deliver alerts to your team as needed. That means less time spent on routine monitoring, and more time to focus on activities that generate value.

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