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Cognite Featured in Boston Consulting Group Article on Digital Twins

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A new article highlights Cognite and Aker BP's work as an example of how oil and gas companies can build high-value digital twins.

How do digital twins create value, and what are the essential steps that companies in the oil and gas industry should follow in order to unlock that value?

A new article from the Boston Consulting Group explores those and other topics related to digital twins, which the authors describe as one of the main factors driving “disruptive value creation” in the oil and gas industry. They write:

Digital twin technology has the potential to create significant value for oil and gas companies. But they need to be ready to use the technology to disrupt and fundamentally change the way their companies operate. We believe that digital twins will increasingly play a pivotal role in reshaping the industry’s operating and business models. Companies need to act boldly and embrace the disruptive potential of digital twins, or they risk losing out to competitors and new players.

Read the full article, “Creating Value with Digital Twins in Oil and Gas,” here →

The article identifies four “essential steps to success” taken by companies that have already created high-value digital twins, including:

  • Identifying a handful of high-value use cases
  • Continuing to focus on value while developing a proof of concept and building a minimum viable product
  • Scaling up the digital twin, and monitoring and capturing value
  • Gradually building a flexible IT and data infrastructure

A sidebar to the article uses Cognite and Aker BP as an example of how technology providers can help oil and gas companies with digital twin data orchestration. Working together, the companies have built an operational digital twin of Aker BP’s assets that has made its operations safer and more efficient.

Go deeper: Read our white paper Operational Digital Twin: How Data Contextualization Provides a Complete, Actionable Understanding of Industrial Operations here →

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