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Cognite Releases Gen AI-Enhanced Data Exploration Experience to Advance Efficiencies of Root Cause Analysis and Other Business-Critical Workflows

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Cognite Data Fusion Offers an Advanced Data Exploration Experience

The latest release of Cognite Data Fusion® delivers GenAI-driven Industrial data search and analysis, and an improved user experience to improve productivity and accelerate time to value.


OSLO, Norway; AUSTIN, Texas – January 23, 2024 - Cognite, a globally recognized leader in industrial software, has announced user interface enhancements and feature updates to its core Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®. Powered by Cognite AI, the latest release significantly elevates the data exploration experience. It enables industrial users to find the data they need and extract valuable insights faster, bringing more efficiency and productivity to their day-to-day tasks. 

The three primary benefits found in the Cognite Data Fusion® January 2024 release are:

Integrated RCA Workflow Enhancements

Industrial Canvas now directly integrates with Cognite Data Fusion’s charting and analytics tool, allowing process engineers and others involved in root cause analysis (RCA), troubleshooting, and planning processes to perform no-code time series analytics alongside real-time sensor data within interactive P&IDs. Users can easily establish rules for that real-time data and get notified when deviations occur, summarize and search documents via Cognite AI, and leverage a toolbox of industrial shapes and process descriptors for clearer communication when exporting RCA results into PDF. As a result, this helps reduce the time it takes to complete critical analysis and react to equipment malfunction or other NPT events. 

In addition, as root cause analysis often requires collaboration among multiple users across disciplines, Industrial Canvas provides advanced governance and versioning to deliver an effective and safe way to collaborate, including restoring older versions, locking a canvas to prevent unwanted changes, and more. 

“The AI features within Industrial Canvas make data ‘speak human.’ A process engineer no longer needs to hop between data and analytics applications to find answers. They simply have to ask a question,” says Moe Tanabian, Chief Product Officer at Cognite. “Industrial Canvas’ native AI capabilities give everyone within an organization the ability to create powerful, data-driven narratives with minimal effort, increasing the efficiency of industrial workflows by 10x.”

Gen AI-driven Industrial Data Search

This intuitive functionality enhances the user experience and simplifies the interaction with complex data models, enabling users to explore and view their data in various formats, including engineering drawings and 3D models. As users explore the data, they can seamlessly open it in Industrial Canvas and other analytics tools in Cognite Data Fusion for further visualization and analysis. An AI-powered copilot enables users to search for information by posing layered and complex questions in human language, summarizing documents, or performing semantic searches in documents. This facilitates data exploration without the need to add advanced filters or be an expert with the user interface.

Improved User Experience

Cognite Data Fusion’s home menu and information architecture are now personalized to the individual user experience, enabling quicker access to recent activities and most-used features and capabilities, such as Data Explorer, Search, Industrial Canvas, etc., to improve task repeatability. Additionally, onboarding pop-up guides jumpstart a new industrial user’s journey with Cognite Data Fusion®, reducing the learning curve and expediting the time to value. As a new standard feature, onboarding guides will be available upon the release of all new features, capabilities, or updates within the platform from this point forward.

Learn more about Industrial Canvas and the latest AI capabilities for the industry at Cognite.ai. And find complete release notes here.


About Cognite
Cognite is a globally recognized leader in industrial software with a clear vision: to rapidly empower industrial companies with accessible, trustworthy, and contextualized data and drive the full-scale digital transformation of asset-heavy industries. With its market-leading Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, and a comprehensive suite of Industrial Generative AI capabilities, Cognite AI, Cognite makes it easy for decision-makers to access and understand complex industrial data. Cognite Data Fusion® is a user-friendly, secure, and scalable platform that enables industrial data and domain users to collaborate quickly and safely to develop, deploy, and scale Industrial Generative AI solutions that deliver both profitability and sustainability. Visit us at www.cognite.ai and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Media Contact
Michelle Holford
Vice President, Global PR Cognite

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