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Introducing the first complete guide to
Generative AI for Industry

Make Generative AI work for industry
with simple access to complex industrial data

Bring secure and trustworthy AI into your industrial operations with unmatched data management.

Cognite provides a user-friendly, secure, and scalable platform that makes it easy for all decision-makers, from the field to remote operations centers, to access and understand complex industrial data, collaborate in real-time

It's time for an exceptional experience to
improve asset performance for AI

Don't make decisions based on hallucinations, don't leak your data: Query your own deterministic Industrial Knowledge Graph safely and securely through governed APIs


Open Industrial Digital Twins & Orchestration

Represent your full enterprise with AI-populated and maintained industrtial knowledge graphs

Improved turnaround planning

Production Optimization

Digital APM enrichment

Industrial Data Fabric (Industrial Knowledge Graph)

Industrial Canvas

A collaborative workspace that uses AI to ingest, curate, and manage all industrial data

Scalable Industrial DataOps foundation

Supercharge your data engineering with AI-powered data contextualization

Summary of benefits

(three-year risk-adjusted)

Improved SME efficiency


Revenue gains arising from shorter shutdown period


Real-time data efficiencies


Optimized planned maintenance programme


Energy efficiency savings


Optimization of heavy machinery and industrial work-flow


The Total Economic Impact of Cognite Data Fusion®

Customer interviews and financial analysis reveal an ROI of 400% and total benefits of $21.56M over three years for the Cognite Data Fusion® platform.