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The world’s first AI-powered Industrial DataOps Platform

Improve operations by rapidly accelerating cloud adoption and increasing the efficiency of industrial workflows by 10x

Industrial Canvas

Answer all operational questions in one place

"Now with Industrial Canvas, we are on the forefront of leveraging Generative AI to further support our people and enable them to use their specialist knowledge to drive our organization forward"

  • Powered by machine-learning, physics-simulation, and generative AI
  • Compile, develop and analyze 90% faster
  • Collaborate and share insights
  • Deploy high-impact digital solutions

Open Industrial Digital Twins & Orchestration

Real-time view of your industrial reality, enriched automatically

"With data all in one place and at everyone's fingertips, we can spend less time trying to figure out the problem and more time creating solutions."

  • Flexible data modeling with built-in AI contextualization
  • Scale with living industrial knowledge graph
  • Automatically enrich digital twins with live data and event streams
  • Capture field activities in context, saving 1000's of domain expert hours

Industrial Data Operations

Scale asset-to-asset, site-to-site, in hours not months

"We believe that Cognite should be shortlisted by CTOs and COOs seeking to establish a strong data management foundation to springboard asset management digitization initiatives and energy firms looking to deploy asset performance management software."

  • Solve the OT/ET data liberation problem with a robust data foundation
  • Rapid data onboarding, integration, quality assurance, and governance
  • Scale digital use cases in an efficient, sustainable manner

Put it all together and maximize operational impact with Cognite AI

It's time for an exceptional experience to
improve asset performance for AI

Don't make decisions based on hallucinations, don't leak your data: Query your own deterministic Industrial Knowledge Graph safely and securely through governed APIs


Open Industrial Digital Twins & Orchestration

Represent your full enterprise as data graph with Open Industrial Digital Twins

  • Build dynamic models of physical assets and processes, delivering real-time intelligence for active decision making
  • Use data product practices to provide simple access with strong governance across source, domain, and solution data models across your ecosystem
  • Take advantage of Large Language Models (LLM) with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) powered by your own proprietary data, without data leakage

Improved turnaround planning

Production Optimization

Digital APM enrichment

Industrial Data Fabric (Industrial Knowledge Graph)

Industrial Canvas

Use AI to ingest, curate, and manage all industrial data

  • Simple access to complex industrial data in one collaborative workspace
  • Use AI to develop and analyze complex cross data-source scenarios 90% faster
  • Troubleshoot with real-time data and collaborate on RCA across teams and even sites

Scalable Industrial DataOps foundation

Supercharge your data engineering with Industrial DataOps

  • 100+ OT, ET, IT, Simulator, and Robotics connectors out-of-the-box
  • Connect from edge to cloud with confidence, with granular access controls, data lineage, and quality assurance built-in
  • Catalog and activate you data across source, domain, and solution data models across your enterprise

Summary of benefits

(three-year risk-adjusted)

Improved SME efficiency


Revenue gains arising from shorter shutdown period


Real-time data efficiencies


Optimized planned maintenance programme


Energy efficiency savings


Optimization of heavy machinery and industrial work-flow


The Total Economic Impact of Cognite Data Fusion®

Customer interviews and financial analysis reveal an ROI of 400% and total benefits of $21.56M over three years for the Cognite Data Fusion® platform.