Industrial DataOps Platform

Cognite Data Fusion removes complexity of underlying IT/OT source systems and incorporates industrial domain knowledge into your data fabric, providing instant access to trustworthy contextualized data for better business decisions.

Industrial DataOps: IoT Optimized Data Empowering Engineers to Operationalize Data at Scale

“Industrial DataOps promises to improve time to value, quality, predictability, and scale of the operational data analytics life cycle.”


Contextualized data central to operationalizing and scaling of digitalization value outtake

“Digitalization success hinges on providing data scientists and developers with access to contextual, meaningful data at their moment of need.”


Enabling heavy asset customers to operationalize and scale their digital programs to unlock ROI at scale

“Cognite Data Fusion’s AI services contextually enrich IT and OT data, providing an open, unified industrial data model that humans and applications can access easily.”

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Industrial DataOps = better decisions


Data fusion

Transforming OT/IT data into contextually enriched knowledge for humans and machines.


Data operations

Move from proof-of-concepts to production with automated data delivery to each use case and each individual data consumer; on-demand, in real-time.


Data scaling

Templatizing use case data, data models and related artifacts. Scaling from individual equipment to systems at fleet scale.

Contextualization for complete data management

Our DataOps platform combines a powerful blend of machine learning, rules engine, and subject matter expertise to convert data into actionable knowledge.

complete-data-management - Updated september 2020
Low code application development
Data science / machine learning / physics simulation
Industrial data management
Digital twin solutions

Low code application development

Digitalization is the sum of many smaller and larger applications that together transform the way your business and partners operate. Cognite Data Fusion is fully open and integrates with all leading low-code app development platforms and dashboarding tools, giving you the freedom to choose.

Directly connect fleets of applications to governed data kits consisting of real-time industrial data straight from your operations as well as synthetic data from hybrid analytics models.

Low-code frameworks I PowerBI I Outsystems I OData I ODBC I SDKs I Spark I Jupyter plug-ins I Cognite open source application component library I Cognite 3D viewers.


Data science / Machine learning / Physics simulation

From contextualized data exploration to hybrid analytics development, model hosting and model scaling, Cognite Data Fusion supports your SMEs and data scientists all the way to operationalized value.

Flexible analytics environment support addressing both Citizen Data Scientist - engineers and analytically minded individuals who are empowered to solve problems effectively with data - and professional data scientist.

OT data type support I Live data access I SDKs I Spark I Jupyter plug-ins I Function hosting I Data discovery I Industrial equipment and process data models I Model governance I Physics simulator connectors I Open ML development environment support.


Industrial data management

Data-driven transformation starts with data all can trust, understand and access effortlessly.

Contextualization — finding relationships in real-time in OT/IT data — forms the foundation of modern augmented data management.

Cognite Data Fusion reduces the reliance on IT specialists for repetitive and low impact data management tasks, whilst in parallel, making your data consumers more independent and successful. Make trustworthy data available for operational consumption at scale.

Contextualization I Data quality I Versioning I Data lineage I Access control and sharing I Pipeline orchestration I Observability I Master Data Management I Synthetic data management.


Digital twin solutions

Digital twin solutions sit at the convergence of OT and IT, consisting of augmented data management, hybrid analytics and low-code application development services, featuring an open cloud native API architecture to ecosystem collaboration.

With Cognite Data Fusion, heavy-asset operators are improving brownfield asset performance, building operational resilience and achieving their sustainability goals.

 Production optimization I Predictive maintenance I Digital worker I Sustainability.

Operationalize and scale your data flows

Let industrial DataOps and AI unlock ROI at scale from digital programs.

Move beyond digital proof-of-concepts to operational scale ROI

Cognite’s DataOps software & solutions deliver above 10x returns on efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in asset-intensive industries.


Contextualization — finding relationships in real-time in OT/IT domain data — forms the foundation of modern augmented data management. Represent all industrial data in a connected labeled property graph.

Configure contextualization pipelines for continuous AI-driven entity matching, P&ID and diagram parsing, as well as unstructured document rendering. Identify tags, similar objects, and extract text and patterns with confidence at scale.


Proven ability to deliver end-to-end solutions underpinned by strong ROI across production optimization, predictive maintenance, digital worker and sustainability.

Benefit from Cognite and our partner ecosystem's deep domain competence, as well as extensive collection of use case deployments across industry verticals.

infield_in action USE (1)


Cognite is committed to open public interfaces. No internal APIs. All our APIs and SDKs openly documented and available here.

Ready built connectors and plug-ins available for 3rd party low-code application development, dashboarding and ML tools. Say no to vendor lock-in and closed stacks and benefit from our commitment to "better together"..



Digitalization ROI is driven by reduced time-to-value (speed) and scale. Join Cognite in agile delivery for immediate value capture and continuous improvement at cloud speed.

Lead with DataOps to deliver transformative impact on the speed of delivering converged data management and advanced analytics solutions to your business.

Make your data useful at scale across your rapidly growing data consumer landscape, with SMEs — not IT professionals — accounting for fastest growth.

speed and scale


Combine data-driven machine learning with physics simulators to increase both the quality and resilience of models.

Cognite fuses the best of the old with the best of new.

hybrid-ai (1) (1)

3D & unstructur3D & UNSTRUCTURED DATA

Pioneering digital twin visual data ingestion. Fusing 3D CAD, point clouds, photogrammetry, P&IDs and more into an seamless experience of industrial data in context.

3D Unstr E2E
Cognite Maintain

Bringing AI and seamless collaboration into your maintenance processes by breaking down traditional data and organizational barriers.

Transform Your Maintenance
Cognite BestDay

An interactive platform for data-driven production optimization.

Expand Your Production
Cognite InField

Your in-field AI-assistant for maximum field worker productivity.

Empower Your Workforce
Cognite Remote

Explore Remote operations asset integrity management.

Enable your Remote Asset Management

How our DataOps platform & solutions create value for leading industrial companies

Value: USD 1 000 000

Predictive maintenance on heat exchanger

Screen 5
Value: USD 6 000 000

Real time oil in water root cause indicator

Screen 7
Value: USD 4 000 000

Dynamic real time production limit

Value: USD 2 000 000

Real time well flow rate advisor

Screen 3
Value: USD 15 000 000

Hybrid AI well event predictor

Screen 6
Value: USD 3 000 000

End-to-End simulation of production


Contextualized Data And Digital Twins Amplify Digitization Value - Banner 3-1
90% of industrial firms struggle to achieve their digital initiatives

In this Forrester February 2020 report we explain how adoption of an Industrial DataOps platform and digital twins amplify value.

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