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Ingar Landet

VP of Customer Success

Ingar is responsible for Cognite's lighthouse customers in the power and utilities industry, including work on power trading topics. He has 10 years of experience working with strategy and technology for energy companies, including market analysis, regulatory topics, and digitalization.

Jørgen Lund

Data Scientist

Jørgen is a part of the Industry Solutions team at Cognite, working primarily with customers in the power and utilities industry. He has experience developing data-driven solutions for a number of hydropower companies, including solutions focused on power trading topics.

Gabe Prado

Product Marketing Director

Gabe Prado is the senior director of product marketing for utilities at Cognite and has a background in industrial test and measurement and predictive analytics. At Cognite, he helps utilities identify where new data management technology and practices can be used to reduce the time and costs to deploy digital applications.

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