Smart Maintenance

Boost performance and uptime by using data proactively.

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Smart Maintenance gives you advanced data analytics to take equipment monitoring and maintenance operations to the next level. Instead of scheduled checks and costly reactive responses, you can now predict and address issues before they develop into problems.

With Cognite’s
Smart Maintenance solution:

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Maintenance engineers have real-time access to contextualized, relevant data, allowing them to make intelligent decisions and carry out necessary work in good time.
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You can gather data from different sources and industrial applications, then integrate them to improve maintenance procedures.
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In-depth data exploration will make informed and effective maintenance decisions possible at every level of your organization.
Smart Maintenance
Subject matter experts (SMEs) from Cognite will collaborate with your team to establish the best way to deliver value and improve maintenance operations in your organization.

Asset Data Insight

Access real-time health overviews and analysis via Asset Data insight, our flagship Smart Maintenance application.

Operational on both computers and mobile devices, Asset Data Insight allows operators and first-line support staff to access, view, and draw insights from all your industrial data stored in Cognite Data Fusion.

Insight’s visually intuitive interface lets users develop models for a single component and then roll it out to other components or facilities. The application easily connects to third-party systems for more advanced visualizations and analytics.

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Smart Maintenance

Capture value

The value potential of Smart Maintenance is vast. Cognite Data Fusion provides the key to unlocking it by liberating your industrial data from disparate silos. We make it accessible and meaningful to both team members and automated systems. Information that you can then use to operate with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

End-to-end support

Cognite helps you every step of the way on your journey from reactive to predictive maintenance. Software developers, data scientists, designers, and industry professionals all form part of our interdisciplinary team. We’ll connect you with expert resources and help you identify the right use cases to revolutionize your maintenance operations.

Smart Maintenance

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