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Cheat Sheet: What you need to know about Generative AI for Industry

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We know you're receiving AI messages  from everyone. We know it's a lot to take in.  To help, we've boiled AI for Industry down to five key points.

1. LLMs + Knowledge Graph

This is the simple formula to apply Generative AI for Industry. Your asset performance management is made intelligent and efficient by combining LLMs with a deterministic Industrial Knowledge Graph containing your operations data.


2. Generative AI for Industry needs to be safe, secure, and hallucination free

With Cognite AI it is. Cognite AI provides the complete, trustworthy digital representation of your industrial reality (Industrial Knowledge Graph) that LLMs  need to understand your operations, and provide deterministic responses to even the most complex questions. Want to learn more? Start here: Cognite AI.


3. To apply Generative AI in industrial environments, the ability to prompt LLMs with your operational context is everything

This means having a deterministic Industrial Knowledge Graph of your operations, including real-time data. Cognite Data Fusion® delivers contextualized data-as-a-service with its market leading data contextualization pipelines for 100x faster knowledge graph population.

Watch Cognite present Data Contextualization Masterclass  or visit Data contextualization

4. While Generative AI itself is undeniably transformative, its business value is in its application to the real-world needs of field engineers.

Seeing is believing, so see for yourself how Generative AI is applied today across field productivity, maintenance planning, and robotic automation with our simple, clickable, guided product demos on Cognite Demo Hub.

Discover the essential AI features that enable simple access to complex industrial data for engineers, subject matter experts, data scientists, and more.

Cognite Demos - Industrial Canvas for Energy

5. What are you waiting for?

Contact us today for a free value workshop of Cognite AI for your operations

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