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Celanese powers its “Digital Plants of the Future” with Cognite Data Fusion®

Legacy data stacks stall digital acceleration. Celanese, a global chemical and specialty materials company, is leveraging Cognite Data Fusion® to build an integrated manufacturing portal that serves as a single repository for all its domain experts

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Improved tracking and trending of historical data

Reduced time spent on data discovery and analysis

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In their own words

Celanese is building the Digital Plant of the Future and we rely on Cognite Data Fusion on Microsoft Azure to put the right data into the hands of our experts so they can spend less time identifying problems and more time finding solutions.
Ibrahim Al-Syed
Director of Digital Manufacturing
Generative AI is fundamentally reshaping operational processes and it will be the digital mavericks who will be early adopters of this technology. [...] by working with Cognite to accelerate AI implementation into our digital transformation strategy, it will allow us to raise the stakes once again and solidify Celanese as a leader in advanced manufacturing
Brenda Stout
Vice President Manufacturing
With data all in one place and at everyone’s fingertips, we can spent less time trying to figure out the problem and more time creating solutions
Production Manager