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Find the right data 7-12X faster
Intuitively discover data from multiple IT/OT/ET sources through a single point of access.


Analytics-ready data 71% faster
Use automation to contextualize and map relationships across your data sets and systems.


Faster solution deployment
Scale quickly with out-of-the-box tools for domain experts and AI-populated application templates.

Once the data is in Cognite Data Fusion, it’s easy to build applications on top of it—so easy that someone like me can create a foundation for others to build their own solutions. That’s the DataOps philosophy: valuable data that is easily accessible by all.


Simen Ringdahl

Data Scientist

Aker Carbon Capture

In Cognite, we have found a technology partner that shares our mission to explore, improve, and rethink the way industry does business.


Alex Pereira

Director of Industrial Business Development LAM


With data all in one place and at everyone’s fingertips, we can spend less time trying to figure out the problem and more time creating solutions.


Kylie Reis

Production Manager


Cognite will really be a major enabler for us to address the challenges that are coming our way.

Ahmad Saadi

Ahmad Al-Sa'adi

SVP Technical Services

Saudi Aramco

Cognite Data Fusion allows bp to quickly find relevant Wells data. It also enables a single consolidated data layer, fusing structured and unstructured data to improve delivery process and reduce risks.

Ahmed Hashmi - bp

Ahmed Hashmi

SVP Digital


For an executive looking to reduce carbon footprint, one of the best ways I can do is moving my computing to the cloud.

Prabu Parthasarathy - Wood

Prabu Parthasarathy

VP Intelligent Operations


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DataOps-powered data foundation creates value for manufacturers

The machining company Aarbakke used Cognite Data Fusion® to create a rich data foundation that shortened the company's time to value and set the company on the path to becoming a digital leader in the industry.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® helps industry predict and improve product quality

Using Cognite Data Fusion®, a major national oil company was able to save $11.5 million by predicting oil quality and optimizing the crude oil separation process.

Oil and gas

Industrial DataOps lays the foundation for operational efficiency at scale

With Cognite Data Fusion®, a major offshore oil operator boosted production by approximately 7,000,000 barrels annually—an estimated value of $38 million.

Power and utilities

Mainstream Renewable Power optimizes wind farm layouts thanks to better access to data

Mainstream Renewable Power used Cognite Data Fusion® to make wind farms less harmful to local wildlife.


How Cognite Data Fusion® powers Servi’s condition-based monitoring solution

Servi used Cognite Data Fusion® to build an application that reduces downtime by 30-50%, maintenance costs by 10-40%, and energy use and emissions by 10-20%.


Arbaflame is taking a scalable approach to industrial innovation with Industrial DataOps

Arbaflame used Cognite Data Fusion® to power its data foundation, setting the company up to scale.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® improves vessel crew safety

PGS used Cognite Data Fusion® to digitalize its health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) incident management reporting system and improve crew safety.

Oil and gas

DataOps enabled effective slug prediction for Aker BP

Aker BP used Cognite Data Fusion® to analyze data for signs of slugging, boosting production by 1%.


Cognite Convos: How to Make Smart Factories Learn

Rolf Thu, Head of IT and Smart Factory manager for Aarbakke, spoke with us about how Aarbakke has taken its digitalization bull by the horns & what's next for the manufacturing industry. Listen to the full podcast.

Power and utilities

Cognite Convos: A 'Data Epiphany' in Hydropower

We spoke to Atle Lundekvam, who got his start as a mechanical engineer and is now one of those driving digitalization for Hafslund E-CO. Listen to the full podcast.

Cognite Convos: Why Data Should Be Everybody’s Business

We spoke to Haakon Hammarbeck, a solution architect with Visma bWise, on how contextualized and organized data, will help spread data use to all corners of a company. Listen to the full podcast.

Oil and gas

Cognite Convos: How data is changing offshore work

Originally a mining and petroleum operator, Lundin is now expanding into wind and hydropower, and leading the pack when it comes to digitalizing their offshore operations. Listen to the full podcast.

Oil and gas

Cognite Convos: PGS on transforming the subsurface world

PGS is a global leader in subsurface seismic imaging, which is used to help find oil and gas reserves offshore. Listen to the full podcast.

Oil and gas

How Cognite Data Fusion® helped OMV automate multiphase flow allocation

OMV used Cognite Data Fusion® to save $1.25 million a year by automating the process of calculating condensate-gas and water-gas ratios.

Oil and gas

Wintershall Dea optimizes turbine monitoring with Cognite Data Fusion®

The solution gives the company's experts access to the data they need to avoid shutdowns, saving $865,000 per incident prevented.

Oil and gas

Siemens saved 1,300 hours with Cognite Data Fusion®

Siemens used Cognite Data Fusion® to achieve fast, accurate condition monitoring for Aker BP's onshore team.

Oil and gas

DataOps powered by Cognite Data Fusion® reduces time to value for a supermajor

The solution helped a global integrated energy company use data to improve its well planning processes, reducing decision time and creating value.

Power and utilities

DataOps reduces the risk of transformer failure for Statnett

The solution helped Statnett monitor its entire fleet of transformers and make data-driven decisions, saving the company $2 million a year.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® visualizes risk factors to boost worker safety

Aker BP used Cognite Data Fusion® to increase efficiency, boost worker safety, monitor maintenance, and more.


Cognite Data Fusion® supports Yokogawa's plant maintenance workers

The solution enabled Yokogawa's maintenance workers break down data silos and use it in their day-to-day activities.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® helps OMV's production engineers save time

The solution helps OMV’s production engineers prevent production losses, saving them 5 hours a week.

Oil and gas

Aker BP makes maintenance work more efficient with Industrial DataOps

The solution enabled Aker BP create 3D models that help users quickly locate equipment and reduce time spent on scheduled maintenance.

Power and utilities

DataOps powered Cognite Data Fusion® speeds up the grid connection process for Statnett

The solution helps Statnett use data to simplify how the company processes grid connection applications, generating $1.2 million in value a year.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® supports Wintershall Dea's rotating equipment experts

The solution saves Wintershall Dea's experts an estimated 7-10 hours a week.

Oil and gas

How Cognite helped Aker BP and Framo revamp maintenance routines and reduce emissions

The solution cuts emissions and waste by reducing maintenance needs by 30% and shutdowns by 70%, and increasing pump availability by 40%.

Oil and gas

DataOps powered by Cognite Data Fusion streamlined maintenance work for Wintershall Dea

The solution provides a holistic overview of maintenance work, highlights priorities, and identifies opportunities, saving 10 hours a week.


How Aarbakke optimizes the use of cutting tools with Cognite Data Fusion®

The solution helps the manufacturer reduce tool assemblies by 60% and increase cutting tool efficiency by 10%.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® helps Aker BP set CO2 reduction goals

Aker BP used Cognite Data Fusion® to cut CO2 emissions by 100,000 metric tons a year by 2025.

Oil and gas

Sisualizing data saves PGS $2 million a year while cutting production time

The solution optimizes the speed of seismic surveying vessels, cutting production time while maintaining quality.

Oil and gas

Algorithm-based calibration saves Aker BP $3.5 million a year

Aker BP used Cognite Data Fusion® to achieve accurate, lossless calibration of multiphase flow meters.

Oil and gas

Aker BP deploys a virtual flowmeter to save up to $1.1 million a year

Aker BP used Cognite Data Fusion® to visualize data and deploy Turbulent Flux’s virtual flowmeter on a challenging reservoir.


How Yokogawa is reducing unplanned failures and maintenance costs

The solution enables workers to quickly and easily conduct maintenance on equipment based on its actual condition.

Oil and gas

Aker BP uses hybrid machine learning powered by Cognite Data Fusion, saving $6 million a year

The solution enables Aker BP to optimize production while reducing the company's environmental impact.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® helps a supermajor scale its digital solutions

With Cognite Data Fusion®, a multinational oil and gas corporation was able to reduce use-case rollout time by more than a month.

Power and utilities

Ringerikskraft digitalizes a hydropower plant from the 1970s with Cognite Data Fusion

The solution boosts efficiency and productivity by making data accessible to operators and engineers.

Oil and gas

Rapid third-party integration in Cognite Data Fusion® empowers MHWirth to choose partners

With Cognite Data Fusion®, MHWirth was able to feed data into their maintenance programs quickly and securely.

Oil and gas

OMV optimizes well flow rates with Cognite Data Fusion®

The solution saves OMV $300,000 a year by boosting gas condensate production while operating within constraints.


Energima buids Properate on top of Cognite Data Fusion®

Energima built a software application that reduces energy waste and streamlines maintenance work.

Oil and gas

Cognite Data Fusion® enables quick maintenance overviews of critical equipment

Data helped cut administrative work and improve maintenance planning processes.


How Aarbakke is extending the lifetime of CNC machines

The solution helped the manufacturer cut service costs by 20% and reduce unplanned downtime.

Power and utilities

Hafslund Eco optimizes turbine start-up sequences thanks to Cognite Data Fusion

The solution will generate significant savings for Hafslund Eco by avoiding downtime.

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