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Industrial Data Fabric: Bring deep industrial operations expertise into your Fabric solution with Cognite Data Fusion®

Deliver simple access to complex industrial data for all your data consumers to accelerate solution development from months to weeks. Extract, contextualize, discover, and manage data from any source system, enabling safe, secure, hallucination-free generative AI.

“Organizations utilizing data fabrics to dynamically connect, optimize, and automate data management processes will reduce time to integrated data delivery by 30%”

A unified, integrated view of all your industrial data, by breaking down existing data silos, and simplifying the architecture

Automated data management tasks and augmented data integration

Automated data discovery and intelligent data exploration using industry data models and a dynamic knowledge graph

Self-service data consumption and a more collaborative working model

Integrate GenAI to improve user experience and efficiency of their identity and access management controls

Reduce the time to access ready-to-use data, for rapid decision-making

Supercharge any data fabric design with Cognite Data Fusion® for best-in-class OT/ET data experiences

Purpose-built to handle complex industrial data, Cognite Data Fusion® integrates seamlessly into your existing data fabric architecture to supercharge any cloud infrastructure in any environment.

Example of Data Fabric integration

Better together: Microsoft Fabric + Cognite Data Fusion®

Combining our expertise in handling structured and unstructured data, Cognite Data Fusion® brings deep industrial operations expertise into your Fabric solution to provide a 360 view of all your industrial data.

Microsoft Fabric

Designed to handle structured data, such as ERP data, work orders, MIS, CRM, and other IT sources

Leverage the Fabric ecosystem to generate insight into the structured data sources and take advantage of the ecosystem of tools and applications.

Cognite Data Fusion®

Designed to handle unstructured data, leveraging OT and engineering data, as well as robotics data

Leverage Cognite Data Fusion® for more complex use cases, such as asset health monitoring, field operations, and root cause analysis.

It's all about context + discovery: harness the power of Industrial DataOps, in your enterprise Fabric environment

Deploying meaningful Generative AI-enabled operations depends on access to data in context. Deliver valuable operational impact with Industrial DataOps and an open ecosystem of solutions.

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Implementing AI for Industry starts with getting your Industrial Data Fabric right

Keep your Generative AI usage safe and hallucination-free with an industrial data fabric design featuring queryable knowledge graph and dramatically reduced costs, while enabling scalability, speed of development, and data openness. Get accurate and transparent data management and implement Large Language Models (LLMs) with your industrial data.


Active metadata populates the Industrial Knowledge Graph and identifies competitive capabilities that should not be shared with LLMs


Metadata analysis across the data fabric, one can pinpoint code language usage, syntax, and context, thus steering code generation by the LLM.


The Industrial Knowledge Graph can learn the frequency, form, structure, and processing required by human users for various data management processes.


Enhance prompt engineering by responding to active metadata inputs throughout the design, implementation, and optimization of AI solutions.

Enable productivity at every level of digital maturity

Enhance your Fabric solution with the deep industrial expertise of Cognite Data Fusion®, and build a repeatable roadmap for next-generation industrial operations. 

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