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Why oil and gas needs Industrial DataOps


Make sense of your data

90% less time spent making sense of data through unique IT, OT, and ET data contextualization.

Quickly deploy to live production

10-25 times faster time to deploying solutions into live production.

Increase production throughput

0.5-1.5% increase in overall production throughput.


Industrial applications at scale that increase safety, efficiency, and revenue.

Improve operational performance, reduce downtime, and deploy safer solutions

We partner with our oil and gas customers to maximize the value of their data, equipping them for the digitalized future by making the right data available to the right users at the right time.

Data-driven production optimization

Cognite's production optimization solution helps companies raise their maximum production capacity by providing real-time organizational visibility on all important aspects of production. Armed with knowledge, companies can increase plant availability, remove constraints, and maximize throughput.

Data-driven maintenance

Cognite's maintenance solution delivers advanced analytics to take equipment monitoring and maintenance operations to the next level. Instead of scheduled checks and costly reactive responses, predict and address issues before they develop into problems.

Sustainable workflows

The oil and gas industry has a duty to protect the environment. Cognite promotes a sustainable approach to exploration and production by using real-time data to improve accuracy and performance while also minimizing the risk of spillage or equipment failure.

Robotics automation

Integrate robotics to automate repetitive tasks, carry out remote inspections, maintenance, and repair tasks, and keep workers safe by eliminating the need to travel to hazardous locations.

Trusted by leading companies in oil and gas

This is a game-changer for our company. It opens up a variety of applications. The project goal is to create and develop an interactive environment via digital twins and augmented reality, with the idea to assist on-site people with planning and execution.


Fabrid Akbari

Product Owner and Functional Lead for Digital Transformation

OMV New Zealand

The collaboration with Cognite has been terrific! Cognite has incredibly service-minded, competent people. From day 1, they have always been offering top-of-class service and support.

Juan Pablo Del Rio

Senior Manager

Aker Offshore Wind

We strive to make smart investments through developing digital products and scaling them up to deliver the highest returns to our E&P business as measured by gains in safety, sustainability, operational and financial performance.

Hugo Dijkgraaf

Hugo Dijkgraaf

Chief Technology Officer

Wintershall Dea

The joint venture with Cognite aims to create advanced end-to-end digital software solutions in Saudi Arabia, which will maximize local content, contribute to GDP growth, create new jobs, accelerate digital talent development and sustain Aramco’s resilience.

Ahmad Saadi

Ahmad Al Sa’adi

Senior Vice-President of Technical Services

Saudi Aramco

Adding Cognite’s advanced AI data contextualization and operations product to Wood’s technology partnership ecosystem is an exciting step as we innovate in connected operations solutions.

Darren Martin-1

Darren Martin

Chief Technology Officer


Really good to have you with us at the start and be with us for the long haul.

Erik Ewig

Erik Ewig

SVP Technology and Digitalization


Cognite Data Fusion enables data sharing between AkerBP and Framo, unlocking improved services and maintenance planning. Together we have changed the approach to maintenance work.

Trond Petter Abrahamsen

Trond Petter Abrahamsen


Framo Services

Developing a strong digital oilfield is a about the software - and here Cognite is truly one of our key Partner.

Philipp Tippel

Philipp Tippel

VP Global production


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