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Press Release

Aker BioMarine and Cognite pioneering machine learning for operational decision-making

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Aker BioMarine and Cognite have signed an agreement to digitalize Aker BioMarine’s harvesting and manufacturing operations to further improve the company’s sustainability efforts.

Similarly, the Amesto Solutions-owned data science company NextBridge Analytics recently joined in with a strategic alliance.

The initial goal for Aker BioMarine will be to use data contextualized in Cognite’s platform and AI applications developed together with NextBridge Analytics to increase efficiency, including the reduction of fuel consumption. By using live data and machine learning, the company will optimize and better manage harvesting patterns, production flow and maintenance.

“Ever since Aker BioMarine’s establishment we have challenged how things are done in our industry. By teaming up with Cognite and NextBridge Analytics, we are taking one step further. I believe we are among the first companies in our industry to implement machine learning at the core of operational decision-making”, says Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine.

“To gather, structure, and analyze big data systematically from across our harvesting and manufacturing operations, Aker BioMarine has team up with the best. Considering Cognite’s track record in other industries and NextBridge Analytics sophisticated AI expertise, we are confident that this project will yield tremendous results,” says Johansen.

Aligning technology and sustainability

Deploying Cognite’s industrial data platform will enable Aker BioMarine to use data from different parts of their operations, including krill exploration and the manufacturing process. Aker BioMarine also envisions easier access to live and historical data from multiple sources, helping the company better understand the Antarctic marine ecosystem and further improve the sustainability of all the company’s operations.

“We look forward to support Aker BioMarine’s operations by using the Cognite Data Platform to provide secure and instant access to live data from across company’s krill harvesting and manufacturing operations. By liberating their data, Aker BioMarine will be able to further improve their sustainable business model. We are happy to welcome them aboard the Data Liberation Front,’’ says Dr. John Markus Lervik, CEO at Cognite AS.

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