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Press Release

Cognite wins the 2021 Norwegian Tech Award

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The Norwegian engineering publication Teknisk Ukeblad lists Cognite as this year’s winner of the Norwegian Tech Award, based on engineering and technological achievements over the last 12 months.

An independent jury with representatives from Norwegian industry, education, governmental organizations, and professional associations selected the winner and issued the following statement.

“The winner has shown how they solve the great transition we are going through with both digitization and sustainability, and they create many jobs. The company has given the abstract term Industry 4.0 a concrete content. The company is able to utilize data from complex systems and processes and transform it into a resource. The company shows that data can be the new oil. The company has shown the potential by combining the skilled worker and the specialist with heavy IT expertise. This shows the strength of the Norwegian cooperation model. They started with oil and gas, but have taken it over to other industries. The potential is enormous. In value creation, this could be the new oil.”

Anna Olsson, VP of Partners and Alliances, and Stein Danielsen, co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer accepted the award on behalf of Cognite. 

“There is a lot to be solved. We are in need of a huge ecosystem to make that happen. We can’t solve everything. This is a huge opportunity for others to join and partner with us on the journey,” said Olsson. 

Technology and the right use of data will play a starring role in Norway’s energy transition. By working together and establishing ways of collaborating and partnering across different verticals, Norway can become an example for the rest of the world. 

In his acceptance speech, Danielsen said, “Winning this award wouldn't be possible without our customers and partners by our side, working with us to transform industry. We are honored to have been considered alongside Akvafuture, Easee, Radionor, reMarkable, and Wavefoil as these fantastic companies are making Norway the global tech leader that it is today.”

Read more about the award at Teknisk Ukeblad

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