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Press Release

Wintershall Dea Working with Cognite to Scale Digitalization Efforts Globally

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Cognite and Wintershall Dea illustration

In 2018, energy firm DEA partnered with Cognite to put new technology into its Mittelplate oilfield in Germany to improve maintenance and boost efficiency. Now, one year old, newly formed Wintershall Dea is Europe’s leading independent natural gas and oil company and supported by Cognite they invest in digitalization efforts globally.

June 04, 2020 — OSLO, Norway -- In a commitment to continue to drive value through digital, Wintershall Dea has entered a four year contract with Cognite and will use their flagship Software as a service (SaaS) product Cognite Data Fusion®, to scale digitalization solutions across assets. Wintershall Dea leads the way by incorporating digital collaboration throughout their efforts and will deploy the Cognite SaaS and applications to an increasing number of assets long term.

As Europe’s leading independent gas and oil company, Wintershall Dea’s deep commitment to remain agile while empowering teams by exploring new technologies has established them as a leader in digital transformation efforts. They will use CDF for data contextualization and AI enablement, connecting a number of data types together, from sensor data to maintenance logs to 3D drawings to address optimization and enable advanced visualizations.

Wintershall Dea will further build upon their digital portfolio through utilization of a number of tools and Cognite business applications, to provide data insights and analytics empowering colleagues in the office and in the field. Low code capabilities will be used by Wintershall Dea employees enabling rapid development and scaling of their own applications, leveraging domain experts with liberated data.

“We are excited to enter this strategic partnership with Wintershall Dea as they lead the sector in digital maturity with their focus on user empowerment,” said Dr. John Markus Lervik, CEO and co-founder of Cognite. “We will be equipping Wintershall Dea's domain experts with applications that will give them instant access to data, helping to improve maintenance and production optimization. We will also provide their IT department with a number of building blocks and tools, which will enable them to scale and sustain digital solutions across assets.”

“We strive to make smart investments through developing digital products and scaling them up to deliver the highest returns to our E&P business as measured by gains in safety, sustainability, operational and financial performance,” said Hugo Dijkgraaf, Wintershall Deas Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “In order to scale a solution up and to replicate it across the company, a robust data architecture and foundation is a prerequisite. Based on the positive results and impact we had at our Mittelplate oil field, we are pleased to deepen our digitalization activities with Cognite to provide foundations to scale solutions across our assets.”

About Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea is Europe’s leading independent natural gas and oil company with more than 120 years of experience as an operator and project partner along the entire E&P value chain. The company with German roots and headquarters in Kassel and Hamburg explores for and produces gas and oil in 13 countries worldwide in an efficient and responsible manner. With activities in Europe, Russia, Latin America and the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa), Wintershall Dea has a global upstream portfolio and, with its participation in natural gas transport, is also active in the midstream business.

Wintershall Dea was formed from the merger of Wintershall Holding GmbH and DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG, in 2019. Today, the company employs around 2,800 people worldwide from over 60 nations.

About Cognite

Cognite is a global industrial software-as-a-service (SaaS) company supporting the full-scale digital transformation of heavy-asset industries around the world. Their key product, Cognite Data Fusion®, empowers companies with contextualized OT/IT data to drive industrial applications that increase safety, sustainability, and efficiency, and drive revenue. Visit us at www.cognite.com and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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