Cognite BestDay

Built on Cognite Data Fusion™, BestDay helps you raise your maximum production capacity by providing real-time organizational visibility on all important aspects of production.

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Why Cognite BestDay?

Equip your workforce with the right production data.
Provide real-time visibility on production deviations.
Reduce the duration and volume of unplanned deferment events by 10%.
Increase overall production throughput by 0.5-1.5%.

BestDay estimation

BestDay’s data-driven AI model calculates your daily production capacity based on:

  • Logged deferments and actual production data
  • Data on custom-configured boundary conditions
  • Production criteria for your production system
  • A set of outlier detection models

Advisor integration

BestDay supports custom modules integrated seamlessly as advisorstypically optimization solutions for specific bottlenecks identified for the asset. These modules aid in understanding and mitigating detected deviations.


Deviations and bottleneck detection

BestDay's deviation detection machine learning models provide a real-time view of the most critical tasks, enabling timely and efficient decision-making.

With a customizable choke model, users can go to the source of the issue and request advice from production engineers or suggest changes to better fit the production timeline.


Deferment capturing and logging

Link production deviations to scheduled deferment events, or create new eventsensuring all underperformance is explained and learned from.


Collaboration tools

BestDay gives you collaboration tools to decrease your response time, create visibility, and increase organizational learning. Tag colleagues, send production recommendations, document your actions, and learn from historical troubleshooting.


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Customer story

Aker BP

How Aker BP optimizes production with Cognite Data Fusion™ and BestDay

Aker BP estimates that decreasing the time spent finding mitigating actions has an annual revenue potential of $6 million.