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A Message to Customers from Cognite's CEO

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Cognite team; Cognite CEO message

Two weeks ago I was on a flight from Houston when news broke that Norway, where the Cognite HQ is based, would shut down completely starting the next day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the disruption of our daily lives and operations, I hope first and foremost that you, your families, and employees are safe and healthy. 

In this difficult time, we understand that your priorities might have changed. We pledge to be as responsive and flexible as possible, supporting you with solutions that solidify your operations and maximize short-term value while keeping an eye on the big picture. 

How we’re working now: 

  • All digital: We’ve been digitally native since Day One, and while the first days of remote work for the full company felt unusual, we quickly got into the new rhythm. Through this, we are dedicated to continuing regular dialogues with you, to understanding your needs in this time, and, together, mapping out a strong future. We are as available as ever, whether you need to reach us by email, through our applications, or by video or telephone.
  • Fully operational: On the technical side, we continue to actively monitor software performance, security, and are increasing our efforts to meet customer needs. Our GitHub traffic (measured in pull requests) has gone up 20% during this period, meaning that the speed of our software development has actually increased. 
  • Full speed ahead: Despite the crisis, we are moving ahead with several exciting new product announcements in subsurface operations, power & utilities, and manufacturing. So stay tuned next month.


After the 2008 financial crisis, we saw the birth of dozens of game-changing companies, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, and Slack, to mention just a few. They found opportunities at that time to reinvent and innovate. Though the instinct in times like these may be to be cautious, some of the most successful navigators of crises have used them as an opportunity to make bold, long-term moves. 

My hope is that all of us can find the silver lining in these challenging times and mobilize our organizations to make smart changes, evolve, and come out of this stronger. It’s our belief that your organizations have the talent and the foresight to position yourselves to do just this, and we are, of course, fully prepared to support you along the way. 

John Markus Lervik

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