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Aker BioMarine Digitalizes Plant Operations in Houston

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Aker BioMarine has more than 3 billion data points in Cognite Data Fusion® (CDF), which is helping the company improve efficiency, sustainability efforts, maintenance, and more.

OSLO, Oct. 29, 2019 -- With industrial digitalization on the rise, many companies are embracing big data as a solution for improving company processes, and Aker BioMarine is pioneering plant data management like never before. By collaborating with Cognite, a global expert in industrial data, Aker BioMarine is leveraging instant access to data analytics to improve a broad range of processes in its Houston based facility.

From the plant engineers to operations managers, Cognite Data Fusion® (CDF) is allowing the Houston team to make better decisions and is helping them improve their workdays regularly. A recent case study from the Houston plant shows positive results in the team's access to data, process optimization, and maintenance improvement.

By giving instant access to real-time and historical data through advisory systems (such as dashboards and infographics), CDF eliminates the need for manual data collection, freeing up users' time for more important tasks.

Learn more about Cognite Data Fusion® here →

The data collected is also used for optimization and cost reductions in regards to consumables such as energy, water, and chemicals. By mapping all production cycles and identifying areas for improvements, Aker BioMarine is able to continue expanding upon its sustainability efforts as well as improve product quality.

Finally, the Houston maintenance team is able to automatically generate maintenance-related notifications, alarms through rules, and analyses of sensor data, allowing them to better monitor and reduce downtime of critical components like pumps, valves, compressors, and boilers.

"AkerBioMarine has more than 3 billion data points in Cognite Data Fusion®," said Ole Thoresen, Director of Digitalization & Improvements at Aker BioMarine. "Big data is the next wave of technology in the krill oil market. By utilizing this platform, we are able to solve issues before they arise. We have the ability to be more productive, efficient, sustainable, and safe, and that is extremely important in our industry."

“This data acquisition and data visualization platform is a unique tool that allows us to visualize any trend with time and even to superimposed trends with time, something impossible to do before,” said Laurent David, Director of Technology Development Engineering for Aker BioMarine. “With data processing, we will benefit from the huge quantity of mass flow-meter we have in the Houston plant. In the future, we will be able to make daily mass balance, meaning that we will be able to master our daily consumption. In the past we had to wait a month to detect some problems and now we have access to daily data. Finally, we will soon have the capability of connecting info from our vessel in Antarctica to the Houston plant, which will really help us become more productive and efficient.”


Lisa Miller
Communications Director, US, Aker BioMarine
+1 (201) 532-0312

GMichelle Holford
Global head of PR, Cognite

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