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Cognite Champions Data Liberation & Foundational Digital Twin at OTC 2019

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Energy professionals from all over the world gathered in Houston last week at the 50th annual Offshore Technology Conference. Cognite’s delegation joined more than 15,000 international visitors to add a unique perspective on how science and tech can advance the energy industry.

On stage, Francois Laborie, General Manager of Cognite USA, presented the foundational digital twin:

"A foundational digital twin is the aggregation of all possible data types and data sets, historical and real-time, directly or indirectly related to a given physical asset or set of assets, in a single data platform; the collected data must be clean and contextualized, linked in a way that mirrors how things are or would be linked in the real world, and made consumable depending on the use case."

(Read our full paper: Extracting Value from Data Using an Industrial Data Platform to Provide a Foundational Digital Twin - OTC Houston 2019)

Cognite’s groundbreaking technology begins here. Heavy-asset industries should be able to aggregate their data in a useful way, with all possible context included and connected in one place. Then human users and machine learning algorithms can really get to work, optimizing industrial operations.

As Francois pointed out to Rigzone at OTC, “data science can yield benefits in various areas of offshore operations – from predictive maintenance to well optimization to health, safety and environmental applications.”

This message rang true for many as OTC celebrated its 50th year. The presence of companies like Cognite, striving to make data useful to industries undergoing major cultural shifts, said it all.

The Houston Chronicle caught up with Francois at the conference to find out why Cognite is one of the Norwegian companies bringing tech, social change to U.S. oil & gas industry.

“If you want to do data science, you need data,” he said. “If you want to make an impact, you need to pull different people together.”

Oil and gas companies have a major role to play in making the industry more sustainable. As The Houston Chronicle noted, Norwegian companies like Aker BP and Equinor are proactively finding solutions that are “smarter, cleaner and better connected through digital technology.”

Aker BP’s foundational digital twin of their operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf is one of the best examples. By being first movers in this space, they generate momentum to do more in the future.

And Cognite will be there, rolling this forward-leaning mentality and these technological advances out to the rest of the world as fast as possible.



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