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Cognite Reveals the First Live Public Industrial Data Stream

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Along with Aker BP, we’re excited to introduce the Open Industrial Data Project, a crucial first step toward a more open and collaborative industry. Where data sharing is the norm rather than the exception.

To give you an overview of this groundbreaking project, we present our joint white paper: Open Industrial Data: Inspiring Innovation & Fueling Collaboration in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Here, you’ll find information on the project’s background, as well as details about what data is shared, and how exactly Aker BP uses the Cognite Data Platform to share it.

Free, straightforward access to a continuous live stream of real data is a revolutionary opportunity for academic researchers and startups alike. Aker BP and Cognite hope to accelerate innovation within data-heavy fields, such as predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and advanced visualization techniques, as well as other new, unexpected applications. With your help, the Open Industrial Data project will provide the most exciting, publically available industrial data set in the world.

Thank you to Patrick Robertson, Andrea Stephansen and Matthias Amble of Aker BP for sharing their ideas and domain expertise to help shape this paper.

Soon, we will also launch a new website, workshops and other events to promote the Open Industrial Data project. Check back here or follow us on social media to stay up to date!



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