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Cognite Reveals the Value of Big Data for the Oil & Gas Industry

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As presented at ONS 2018, we are proud to announce the publication of “From Crude to Contextualized Data: Extracting Value from Big Data for the Oil & Gas Industry”.

Insightful use of data is the surest way to solve the Oil & Gas industry’s most pressing operational problems. The good news is that Oil & Gas companies already have more than enough data to begin. And the technology exists to extract value from it. Yet, only a stalwart few have taken the crucial first steps toward true digitalization in their operations.

This is partially because the digitalized future is tough to visualize. Things are moving fast and anything seems possible. Those with long-term experience and investment in Oil & Gas have lots of reasonable questions.

That’s why Cognite partnered with Aker BP to provide some answers, to enhance the foundational understanding of big data across the industry.

In this white paper, we break down the history, status, and possibilities connected to digitalization in Oil & Gas. We assess the risks and opportunities of big data analytics. And we introduce the Cognite Data Platform, hard at work across all five of Aker BP’s operationalized assets. Check out the use cases at the end of the document to see what we have proven possible today.

We hope this paper empowers technicians and experts to push the envelope toward the digitalized future.

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