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Digital Disruptor Podcast Features Cognite North America

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In a new interview with the Digital Disruptor Podcast, Francois Laborie, President of Cognite North America, illuminates the ongoing digital disruption of heavy-asset industries, from Oil & Gas to Power to Manufacturing, and the role Cognite has positioned itself to play across the globe.

Cognite has been cracking the code of digital industry in Europe for the last three years. This summer, we pushed across the pond to establish Cognite NorthAm and bring Cognite’s magic to a new market of industrial customers.

Along with explaining the benefits of Cognite’s unique blend of industrial domain experience and technological expertise, Francois uses this interview to answer lots of important questions about this next frontier of digital innovation in the industry:

  • What are main the roadblocks to industrial data liberation?
  • Why is cloud adoption crucial to industrial digitalization?
  • How do industrial companies benefit from sharing data with suppliers (and even competitors)?


In addition, Francois shares his own unique career path, from his time in the aerospace industry for EADS (now Airbus) to his Ph.D. on collective decision-making, and then the decision to move into the media space to disrupt journalism by empowering content creators with technology. Francois’s experience with supply chains, the assembly line, and even augmented reality made him a perfect fit for Cognite. 

Listen in to hear how Cognite is pushing the envelope of digital industrial value for our customers and how Francois believes we will shape the landscape of the industrial future.

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