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How One of Norway’s Top 50 Women in Tech is Reshaping the Subsurface World

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Cognite Subsurface Software Engineer, Juliana Correa, and team

Juliana Correa moved to Norway from Brazil 18 months ago to join Cognite’s Subsurface team. We needed her education and years of experience as a software engineerto help us solve one of the biggest problems in the industrial world.

“Our team is working on extracting subsurface data from data silos,” says Juliana (pictured above with her team), who was named one of Norway’s Top 50 Women in Tech in March 2020. “We are freeing data that has been trapped without context. The data lacks cloud apis, for example. Liberating this data allows our energy customers to access it and do fast, reliable research on it.”

Last year, Cognite tapped Juliana to be the Tech Lead of our Subsurface Data Liberation Front team, focused on building pipelines for ingesting challenging data types (e.g., well logs, seismic cubes and interpretations of geological structures) into Cognite Data Fusion® (CDF), Cognite's core technology. Once inside CDF, this data becomes far more valuable to users, as they can use it to apply innovative models or access it via familiar industrial software products. 

“Being a tech lead is a great experience,” says Juliana. In this position, her priorities have shifted from debugging the system to debugging her team. She feels empowered to make good decisions for her team and our technology because of the flexibility and autonomy offered by Cognite’s engineering culture. 

“At Cognite, you are free to pick up the technology you think would work best for the problem at hand,” she says. “And if or when you run into questions, you have an army of people on your side, always willing to help you find the answers, no matter how hard it is or if they are in your team or not. This combination of creativity and great company culture makes Cognite a unique employer.”

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