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#ItsACogniteLife: Cognite hosts 12 new interns from the University of Waterloo

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As Cognite grows, we actively recruit top talent from several of the best technical universities in the world. The most recent group to arrive from Waterloo, Canada meets all our critera.

Pallavi Hukerikar, a Management Engineering student at the University of Waterloo, is an excellent example. For the next few weeks, she’s stepped up as product manager for the management console that allows users to configure and administer the Cognite Data Platform. It’s a demanding role, but Pallavi is excited to use her burgeoning skills to make it work.

We like to challenge our interns to make an immediate impact. Pallavi is responsible for driving the product to the launch. She needs to keep her team motivated, align with other teams operating in parallel, and understand the expectations and needs of multiple stakeholders.

“The team’s strength comes from openness and being comfortable with asking questions,” she says, highlighting one of Cognite’s company values. “It’s super important!”

As for the team, Pallavi says that they’re all looking forward to the launch of the console as a “big cake moment”. Her objective is to have two or three such moments even before the project is finished.

We’re introducing our interns in a series of posts on LinkedIn. Follow us there to learn about the minds behind the Cognite machine! And if you think you could be a Cogniter, check out our Careers page.

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