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On April 28, Operation Support Becomes InField

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Operation Support, Cognite’s flagship Digital Worker application, to be renamed InField, reflecting the growth and maturity of Cognite and our software.

We’re excited to announce that Operation Support, the application that makes field work safer, simpler, and smarter, will soon have a new name:

Logo of Cognite InField

InField is an operations and maintenance application that provides instant access to multiple industrial data sources, enabling efficient execution of day-to-day field activities. Available on computers and mobile devices, InField is ideal for workers such as process operators, instrument technicians, electricians, and mechanics.

Why the new name? The evolution of the application reflects how Cognite has changed as a company over the last three years. InField sprang out of our work with our first customer, the independent oil and gas operator Aker BP. One of the earliest pain points we targeted together was the lack of access to data in the field. This forced Aker BP’s workers to trek back and forth between the field and the office, which cut into the time they spent on high-value activities.

The answer: an application that gives workers easy access to all the data stored in Cognite Data Fusion® while in-field. This information, combined with the application’s productivity features, enables operations and maintenance teams to:

  • Search and scan all available equipment for instant access to relevant data such as documents, 3D models, time series, work orders, tag properties, lube oil data, alarm limits, and more. 
  • Create collaborative checklists for efficient work task execution.
  • Easily find and locate equipment in-field with 3D modeling with either existing CAD models and or photogrammetry/point-cloud models. 
  • Capture and share images and video in-field for efficient collaboration with colleagues, partners, and third-party suppliers.  
  • Troubleshoot in the field by comparing real-time data across equipment.

Learn how InField empowers Aker BP's field workers to save time and resources. 

As we’ve expanded our presence within and beyond the oil and gas industry, we’ve seen how powerful improving access to data in the field can be for industrial companies, whether the work is taking place offshore or on the factory floor.

We’ve also learned that the software we develop does more than just support these companies’ operations. It improves efficiency, reduces waste, and enhances safety for field workers, empowering them to apply their expertise while in-field.

We’re constantly working to improve InField to make sure that it’s the go-to tool for field workers across all heavy-asset industries. And we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

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