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Talking Transformation: New Podcast on Where Industry 4.0 is Taking Us

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Cognite Convos podcast: Industrial leaders discuss digitalization and Industry 4.0

The new Cognite Convos podcast talks to leaders working on the cutting edge of industrial digitalization. They discuss firsthand where digitalization is taking their industries and the impacts they’re already seeing — on operations, efficiency, bottom lines, security, and sustainability. Listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

We’re on the verge of some of the most sweeping, high-impact technological transformations that our economies have seen in decades. Few realize this because it’s happening behind the scenes, out of sight for the layperson and media on the big tech beat. 

Behind every new electrified self-driving car, bio-fueled bus, and mobile gadget is an industry that is manufacturing critical parts, unearthing rare earth minerals, fueling production and connecting supplies. And they’re in the midst of a massive digital transformation geared to make their operations more cost-effective, efficient, safer, and an absolute must sustainable.

Sparring with customers, partners and leaders in industrial digital transformation, Cognite Convos delves into how players in the manufacturing, energy and power & utilities industries are transforming to meet the demands of hyper-connected societies. 

In our first three episodes, we talk to leaders in manufacturing, energy, and business intelligence about how their industries are rapidly changing. As Cognite Convos progresses, we’ll go further across industries and shed light on where we’ll see the biggest impacts of industrial digital transformation in the coming years. 

QC 1Image courtesy of Aarbakke

Episode 1: Learning Factories

Rolf Thu, Head of IT and Smart Factory at Norway’s Aarbakke, talks tech trends shaping the manufacturing industry. He explains the difference between a Smart Factory and a “Learning” Factory, and how parts makers, empowered by AI and contextualized data, will be able to innovate and deliver like never before.

Episode 2: Digitalizing Offshore Work

Stig Pettersen, Principal Engineer of Automation at Lundin, helps us uncover how industries, such as oil & gas, with century-long legacies, are tackling their transformations by pairing up the best minds from industrial domains (petroleum engineers, hydraulics experts and so on) with leading data- and computer scientists to make existing offshore work safer, less expensive, and with lower emissions.

Episode 3: Industrial Grade Digital Twins

Håkon Hammarbeck

Håkon Hammarbeck, Solution Architect at Visma bWise, dives deep into tech, teaching us what truly “liberated” data can do. He paints a vivid picture of the changes to come once asset-heavy industries mobilize their entire organizations to use digital twins.

New episodes posted to Apple and Spotify approximately every two weeks.

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