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Cognite Remote

Built on Cognite Data Fusion®, Remote makes the vision of unmanned platforms and installations a reality. Cognite Remote provides the best way to locate, navigate, and understand contextualized data from multiple sources, helping your engineers understand what to fix and when to fix it.

Why Cognite Remote?

Replace time-consuming manual routine inspections and reduce operating expenses.
Enable remote asset management.
Automated monitoring based on computer vision.
Efficient rendering and interaction with complex CAD models in 3D web apps.

Perform remote detailed order planning

Create a plan and control the placement of scaffolding and tools. Add relevant drawings and images to support efficient execution. Access live data from thousands of sensors.


Real-time visualization and interaction

Remote supports real-time visualization and interaction with massive amounts of point cloud-scanned data from brownfield assets.


Remote visual inspections

High-quality photographic data enables detailed planning of visual inspections. Perform markups and create checklists during planning, and execute inspections on mobile devices.


Assisted analysis with computer vision

Use standard or custom-trained computer vision models to detect information in images. Implement scenarios such as equipment contextualization, anomaly detection, and visual monitoring.


Control robots remotely to capture data

Capture and analyze image, video, and audio data from drones and robots.

With Remote, you can control robots remotely to capture data without traveling to the asset. You can also perform route planning to set up regular autonomous inspection rounds.

3D Asset Integrity Management


How Cognite Remote powers OMV's asset integrity operations framework

The solution will cut planning time by 25% and operating expenses by 50%, and help the company reduce its environmental footprint.


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Accelerating remote operations through 3D digital twins

Discover which emerging technologies will enhance and accelerate asset integrity management to drive significant, sustained value.