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Accelerating Remote Operations Through 3D Digital Twins

The world of asset integrity management is evolving rapidly – both from a technical and a business perspective. The result is a growing need for next-generation intelligent and connected asset management capabilities using digital technologies such as IoT, machine learning, digital twins, and access to a “single source of truth.”

In this webinar, we will present Cognite Remote, a configurable, high-fidelity, holistic 3D digital twin application. Cognite Remote provides the best way to locate, navigate, and understand the data ingested into and contextualized in Cognite Data Fusion.

Key takeaways include:

  • Preview emerging technologies such as 3D digital twins, photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and contextualization of point clouds
  • Learn how emerging technologies can be applied to your operations to deliver business value through improved workflows
  • Understand why data access and contextualization are critical components for successful digital application development

Speakers in this webinar:

Tatiana Moguchaya SP

Tatiana Moguchaya

VP of Engineering

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Jan Helge Sageflåt - VP, Product Management

Jan Helge Sageflåt

VP, Product Management

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Milad Mobarhan - Software Engineer

Milad Mobarhan

Software Engineer

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