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Gunnar Staff

Senior Principal Data Scientist

Gunnar joined Cognite in 2018 and leads the company’s Production Optimization team. Prior to that, Gunnar spent 12 years in the SPT Group and Schlumberger working on the multiphase flow simulator OLGA doing model development, validation, and optimization. Gunnar has a Ph.D. in numerical methods from the Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway.
Petteri Vainikka

Petteri Vainikka


Petteri’s professional career spans across enterprise SaaS technologies, where he has found himself at the intersection of emerging transformational technology development and its commercial applications for customers. Prior to Cognite, Petteri worked in senior product management, marketing, sales, and general management positions for companies such as at Sumea, Rovio, Ardoq and Cxense. Petteri has a master’s degree in technology from Aalto University in Helsinki.

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