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Petter Jacob Jacobsen

Petter Jacob Jacobsen

VP of Product Marketing

Petter Jacob has been involved in digital transformation programs at several oil and gas operators across Europe and has prior experience from the industry from Schlumberger and as a data scientist from a technology startup. He is passionate about the opportunities of new digital technologies and data, but only to the extent that they have an impact on the core work processes in industry — which is what Cognite is focusing on with its workflow extensions.

Gunnar Staff

Senior Principal Data Scientist, Production Optimization

Gunnar is the head of the Production Optimization team at Cognite, supporting all of Cognite’s major oil and gas initiatives. Before joining Cognite, Gunnar worked for SPT Group, contributing to developing the multiphase flow simulator OLGA. After an acquisition he spent seven years in Schlumberger, where his core responsibilities were improvements of the physical modeling, uncertainty and optimization studies, and supporting client projects.

Sofie Svartdal Berge

Director of Customer Success, Product Manager of Cognite BestDay

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